Irving Shipbuilding awarded contract for work on Halifax frigates A ccording to a government release, the federal government has awarded Irving Shipbuilding Inc. a $500 million contract to carry out maintenance work on the Halifax-class frigates. The five-year contract guarantees a minimum of three frigates for the shipyard with work planned to begin in the early 2020s. This contract is expected to result in up to 400 jobs at the Halifax Shipyard, plus hundreds of related jobs for marine sector suppliers and subcontractors across the country.

e-ferry Ellen completed its maiden voyage T hee-ferryEllen,which isdescribedas theworld’s largest all-electric ferry capable of carrying roughly 30 vehicles and 200 passengers has completed its maiden voyage crossing waters between the ports of Soby and Fynshav, which are located on the islands of Aero and Als in the south of Denmark. Given the success of the maiden voyage the e-ferry is expected to be fully operational in the next few weeks The ship is powered by a battery system with a capacity of 4.3 megawatt hours, which was supplied by Switzerland-headquartered energy storage firm Leclanche and will over the course of one year stop the release of 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 2.5 tons of particulates and 1.4 tons of sulfur dioxide. The development of electric ferries like the Ellen comes at a time when the International Maritime Organizationispreparingtointroducenewregulations relating to sulfur oxide emissions, as efforts are made to tackle pollution in the sector. •

Beyond Meat’s announces partnership with another meal kit provider B eyond Meat announced a partnership with another meal kit provider, after inking a deal with Blue Apron, last month. In a new deal signed with HelloFresh, the company will start offering the Beyond Burger in its U.S. meal kits the week of Sept. 14. The vegan burger has been on the Berlin-based company’s menus in Canada since July. This deal will help capture the attention of Flexitarians — people who are looking to reduce their meat intake — that are now driving the plant-based meat trend in a market that is expected to hit $2.5 billion by 2023.

Facebook launching news tab this Fall F acebook confirmed that the company is working on a news tab to deliver “trustworthy news” to the social network’s users that will launch this fall. The company stated that the tab would give news high prominence on Facebook, alongside core features like the News Feed (which includes updates from friends), Messenger and Watch (for videos). Confirmation of the new feature is in the works comes after reports that Facebook had approached numerous news outlets about paying them as much as $3 million annually to license their news articles.




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