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New Year, New You! Setting Goals With Intention

ACHIEVABLE. Your goal is within your reach. It’s not necessarily an easy goal to accomplish, but it’s been thought- out. You have the resources, ability, and confidence to see it through. RELEVANT. Your goal makes sense to you personally. It’s a goal that has real value and will enrich you, your family, or your career.

With 2017 behind us, it’s time to look to the year ahead! You’re thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2018, and the resolution possibilities are endless. But as you consider what you want next year to look like, think about how you set goals. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, a lot of people write out a quick list of what they hope to accomplish over the next year — if they write down anything at all. It’s a list of vague ideas, incomplete thoughts, and easily forgotten “to-dos.” That’s why over 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by mid-February. Resolutions often lack the impact they need to make a lasting difference. When you set resolutions for yourself, your health, your family, or your career, you form them because you want to make a difference. You desire something better. If you forget your resolutions by Valentine’s Day, you end up right back where you started. That’s why it’s important to think about how you are setting goals, whether they are for the new year or for life in general. It’s much more than writing down a list of what you hope to achieve. You set goals with a purpose. This is why the SMART method can be the best goal-setting tool you ever use. You may be familiar with the SMART method of goal-setting, or may have heard the term. Setting SMART goals is a great way to set yourself up for success. It adds a layer of accountability and can guide you as you work toward each resolution. What is a SMART goal? It’s a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. SPECIFIC. Your goal is clear and well-defined, yet concise. It’s a goal that can be easily communicated to others — those who can help hold you accountable. MEASURABLE. You give yourself steps to follow as you work toward your goal. At the same time, you can track and evaluate your progress, so you can make course corrections along the way.

TIME-BOUND. You know when you want to achieve your goal. There’s a solid date written on the calendar you can reference for motivation and to get yourself into gear.

Going into 2018, challenge yourself to apply these five points to what you want to accomplish. Take time to really think about what you want to achieve and what you can do to make it happen — whether it’s getting into shape, saving for a big vacation, or anything else you can dream of. As you consider what you want to accomplish this year, be sure to look out for details regarding our future workshops. We’ve had a lot of good feedback about the physical therapy seminars, and I’m working on putting together the next one. Stay tuned!

From all of us at the clinic, we hope you have a wonderful New Year’s!

–Ann Steinfeld PT, OCS (714) 556-1600 1

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