Finding Your Forte - with Kwame Fields


Co-Host / Facilitator KWAME FIELDS Vice-President, Information Security Risk Management E*Trade ”My goal is to create an atmosphere where security professionals can build relationships and share information that will help them navigate the Information Security world. I want to help highlight the opportunities the security field has to offer and develop talent to fill those roles. There are more open security roles across the country than there are skilled people to fill them. I truly enjoy getting people as excited about security as I am. And if I can play a part in filling the skills gap that is even better” -Kwame Fields

The Information Security field is one of the fastest paced and dynamic professions as of late. The good guys are always two steps behind the criminals. What Kwame does with companies is to help them prepare to not only detect and prevent cyber intrusions, but he also helps design systems and processes to help limit the damage when they occur. Information Security philosophies have change from building castles with strong perimeter defenses to being more resolute to the fact that the criminals no longer need to figure out how to scale the wall. Instead they just need to find a small crack or an accomplice to get past the guards – even if they don’t even know their helping. Kwame has a passion for sharing his professional and personal experiences to equip the next generation of security professionals to become masters in this game of cyber cat and mouse. Why is Finding Your Forte Important? All too often, professionals are merely focused on doing their job and don’t have the opportunity to be strategic about performing in a way that plays to their strengths, leverages their passions and rewards them in ways that motivate them. Using purpose as an engagement strategy drives satisfaction, job performance and retention. This empowers you to put yourself in a position to have not just a job…or even a career...but a calling – as a way of living. It doesn’t have to mean immediate abrupt and risky change. It does give you a long term vision so you can move in the right direction. You Need a FORTE becauseYour Best Needs A Plan

That’s HIS forte. What’s yours?

Stronger business and career performance

Leadership from Your Strength

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