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Organizations with leadership and talent needs will share a new dimension of their talent needs in addition to and beyond qualifications and experience. They will attract talent prospects that not only are qualified and available for open roles. They will connect to roles that are mutually purposeful. That tap into their gifts, passions and motivations. And organizations that place priorities on purpose in their talent processes will thrive from their leadership and business performance excellence. Your Crescendo is elated to be a part of that emergence. We invite you to embrace the future today. A new day is emerging that will connect talent to organizations in a much more meaningful way.

Peace and blessings, Reggie Hammond, Founder and Managing Partner, Your Crescendo

Empirical evidence is growing in volume with clear and compelling messages for organizations and they way they see purpose in their teams.

Imperative recently released research with the following key takeaways: Purpose-Oriented Workers show up at work in a big way. They thrive as employees and human beings at significantly higher levels in every measure.

50% more likely to be in leadership positions

47% more likely to be promoters of their employers

64% higher levels of fulfillment in their work

Purpose Oriented Workers are more likely to be leaders

They are dynamic, curious and self-advocates

They experience their work as making an impact

They grow personally and professionally at work

Purpose-Oriented Workers are consistently the most valuable Some industries and roles are much more effective at attracting this talent

Excerpt from Imperative 2015 Workforce Purpose Index. If you'd like to see the source study for background, it's here:

Placement On Purpose


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