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I was a little upset when it started snowing in September because it still would have been 90 F back home! I never would have considered moving across the country if it weren’t for my boyfriend, Adam, who scored a great position with a Great Falls semi dealership while I was still in PT school. Now though, I’m glad I followed him out here because it has been a great experience for me! The hardest part of moving out West has been adjusting to all of the snow and ice, both while driving and on foot. When we first moved, Adam spoiled me by driving me to and from work on snowy days because he was worried about how I’d handle the weather, but I’m learning how to hold my own. It’s amazing to me how tricky it can be even to walk to the mailbox here in the winter. I’ve slipped and fallen in the snow a few times, mostly in the early days when I wasn’t aware of the risk and didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings. Working at Advanced Practice PT, I’ve learned that slip-and-fall accidents and car accidents due to weather are pretty common here, even for lifelong Montanans. I’ve seen a lot of patients come in after they (or

Hello, everyone! My name is Krista Melton, and I’m the newest physical therapist on staff here at Advanced Practice PT. I’m so excited to meet each and every one of you in person over the next few months and share a bit about myself with you through this newsletter. The first thing you should know about me is that I’m incredibly passionate about my work, and I already love spending my days at Advanced Practice PT. I’ve worked in multiple PT clinics in the past, but this is my first full-time position after graduating with my doctorate in physical therapy, and I’m truly impressed by the team of ladies that make this office special. The clinics I worked in before were all about getting as many patients as possible through the doors, but here, Donna, Andrea, Dawn, and the rest of the staff are much more interested in providing quality care. I’ve loved spending so much one-on-one time with my patients, and getting to know them has been a joy. Although I’ve lived here in Great Falls since May, I’m still adjusting to the Montana lifestyle after years in South Carolina, where I was born and raised, and in Florida, where I went to school for physical therapy. I have to admit,

their cars) slipped on ice, and I’ve quickly adapted my knowledge to treat their injuries. Luckily, the rest of the team here are experts at treating these kinds of injuries after working in Montana for decades, so I’ve had plenty of help along the way! Now, when I walk my dogs — one is a boxer named Cadie and the other a mixed-breed rescue called Bella — in the snow, I’m a lot more cautious. I’ve learned to take it slow, watch my step, and be mindful of places where ice might form. My new mantra is, “Always be aware!” Whether you’re a new resident like me or a Montana native, I hope you keep these things in mind this winter, too. Ice can get anyone, regardless of experience! And if you do end up being the victim of a slip-and-fall or car crash, keep Advanced Practice PT in mind. Our team of winter injury experts, myself included, will be happy to help you recover!

– Krista Melton

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