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FOR WHERE IT REALLY MATTERS Syncroflo, the pioneer of the pre-engineered pre-packaged pressure booster systems for plumbing applications, has been manufacturing pressure booster systems for 50+ years. With over 50 years of market knowledge, who knows better than SyncroFlo how to manufacture a system that operates as it's designed throughout its life. All of this knowledge and experience was combined into our latest version of

the IronHeart. The IronHeart 2017 is the most efficient and one of the highest quality systems available in the market today. There are less expensive solutions to your pumping needs. The table below will show you how owning a Syncroflo system will give you peace of mind. RELAX, YOU JUST BOUGHT AN IRONHEART!

SyncroFlo, Inc.

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ALL SYNCROFLO SYSTEMS ARE MANUFACTURED IN AN ISO 9001 CERTIFIED FACILITY ISO 9001-2008 is a quality management standard. QMS requires you to identify and describe your processes using business metrics. The purpose of this is to better manage and control the output. By instituting a QMS program, SyncroFlo ensures a quality process. This inevitably results in a higher quality product.

COMPLETE SYSTEM THIRD PARTY LABELED QCZJ BY UNDERWRITERS LABORATORY Required by federal law, OSHA 29 CFR 1910. All systems must be listed for their intended use.

QR CODE ON ALL SYNCROFLO SYSTEMS The QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that is affixed to all SyncroFlo packaged systems. This is a machine readable, optical label that contains specific information about the product it is affixed to. The QR code on the SyncroFlo IronHeart is installed on the interior panel door. This can be scanned with any handheld device, allowing instant access to all of the project documentation. With the SyncroFlo application, this information can be stored for future use. This technology can also be used to access the SyncroFlo E-Parts store and IO&M while on site.

COMPLETE SYSTEM NSF/ANSI-61 AND NSF-372 CERTIFICATION AS A SYSTEM This certification is required to be compliant with SWDA mandate 1417. It has been in effect since January 4th, 2014. All components, from the source to the tap, must meet this standard. While NSF 372 (Low Lead Content) is now a federal mandate, it is not required to be 3rd party verified. By paying for the 3rd party verification, SyncroFlo adds transparency to ensure that the standard is met.

SyncroFlo, Inc.

2905 Pacific Drive Norcross, GA 30071 Tel: (770) 447-4443


VMS PUMPS SyncroFlo partnered with Ebara as our pump supplier of choice. The Ebara EVMSU vertical multistage pump and the 3U close coupled, end suction pumps offer advantages over other brands: • EVMSU pumps are fitted with the Shurricane impeller, which reduces axial thrust load. This feature allows the use of standard NEMA motor sizes so the motors are not proprietary. "Any motor any time." • The thrust bearing is not in the motor, which is why the motors are not proprietary. • The cartridge type seal enables the replacement of the seal without disassembling the motor bracket. • Split coupling allows the seal to be changed without removing the motor.

CCES PUMPS 3U close coupled, end suction advantages:

• The pumps are created with a bulge forming process, which provides better efficiency and less welds/failure points. • 3U pumps are fitted with a mounting foot on the volute. This provides two more mounting points to the base plate, increasing structural integrity. • 3U is the top centerline discharge, allowing self venting.

304 STAINLESS STEEL REMOVABLE PANEL STAND The removable panel stand is designed for quick removal during the installation process if low clearances are encountered. This also allows the system to easily pass through standard commercial doors. This is useful if tight clearances are encountered in transportation or installation.

304 STAINLESS STEEL FORMED BASE PLATE Stainless steel has better anti-corrosion properties than carbon steel. It can also be installed in damp environments. The coating system on the painted carbon steel bases will eventually fail. This can happen during the installation process, while moving the system into place. Even if the stainless steel base plate is scratched, it will not affect the longevity of the system. The system is sized to fit through a standard 3-foot door. SyncroFlo base plates may also be grouted.

SyncroFlo, Inc.

2905 Pacific Drive Norcross, GA 30071 Tel: (770) 447-4443


100% FLANGED PIPED SYSTEM Flanged piping systems are more costly than threaded systems. They typically last longer in applications where vibration is present. In applications where vibration and other mechanical loading occurs, threads have been known to fail. Flanged systems also offer ease of service when a component needs to be replaced. Threaded systems are laborious to service and, depending on where the issue is, require more disassembly. In addition, SyncroFlo headers are also field reversible.

ADJUSTABLE PIPE SUPPORTS  All headers that overhang the base plate are provided with adjustable pipe supports. Not all floors are level. Having the adjustable support allows you to be sure the headers are properly supported per Hydraulic Institute. This reduces issues with the pumps as a result of pipe strain.

LUG STYLE BUTTERFLY VALVES  With the 100% flanged system, lug style butterfly valves were the natural solution for pump isolation. Advantages to butterfly valves include lighter weight, shorter lay length and ¼ turn operation for rapid open/close cycle.

HEADERS MANUFACTUREDWITH THE T-DRILL PROCESS There are a few ways to add branch piping to a run. Most manufacturers use the saddle method. This is where a window is cut in the run pipe and a branch with a saddle is added. SyncroFlo invested in a T-Drill collaring machine that fabricates the tee directly from the run material. This eliminates the need for factory tees or saddles. This collaring process ultimately allows for stronger pipe and welds than the saddled alternative, as well as improved flow characteristics and cleanliness on the piping interior. All branch piping is welded to the header using the GTAW process. During the welding process, the piping is back purged with an inert gas to eliminate oxidations around the weld. This process is known as sugaring.

SyncroFlo, Inc.

2905 Pacific Drive Norcross, GA 30071 Tel: (770) 447-4443


SILENT CHECK VALVES WITH VERY LOW PRESSURE DROP 3’  These silent check valves have been designed to be fully open at 3 FPS. Other check valves on the market (with a heavier disc) require flow rates of up to 11 FTS to be fully open. Partially open discs create a flow obstruction, which causes a higher pressure drop. A virtually unobstructed full opening at low flows and lower pressure drop lead to longer service of the valves.

ALL 304L STAINLESS STEEL PIPING  Type 304 is an austenitic stainless steel, popular for its high corrosion resistance and strength. Type 304L is an extra low carbon version of 304 with better welding properties. Type 304L is commonly used for food and beverage, mining and domestic water applications.


ALL PIPING IS WELDED BY ASME SECTION IX CERTIFIED WELDERS SyncroFlo leads the field by requiring all welding operators to be certified to this standard.

Newly installed packaged equipment with the UL508 label certifies our adherence to generally accepted safety standards. Building inspectors who are responsible to enforce code requirements can reject equipment that does not adhere to the accepted safety standards.

SyncroFlo, Inc.

2905 Pacific Drive Norcross, GA 30071 Tel: (770) 447-4443


EASY TO USE HMI (HUMAN/MACHINE OR TOUCH SCREEN INTERFACE) The HMI provides easy access to controlling system operation, monitoring vital system parameters and conditions, trending history of key data, and maintenance indicators / reminders among other features.

HMI, VFD AND PLC STANDARD MITSUBISHI PRODUCTS  This allows SyncroFlo to offer a 5 year warranty on our controllers. SyncroFlo uses off-the-shelf components with no proprietary hardware or software like other manufacturers.


CONTROL PANEL IS ASHRAE 90.1 COMPLIANT  Due to reduced pipe friction to overcome at lower flow, the controller can save energy by reducing the system pressure set point at lower system flow rates. When purchasing a control panel only, a paddle wheel flow sensor is required for ASHRAE compliance.

The DRIVEFLEX cable is a shielded, multi-conductor cable for use with VFD applications to connect power to the motors from the drives. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is prevalent in all buildings today. This is why cables are shielded and protected with insulated conductors. Shielding reduces electrical noise, as well as its impact on signals. Poor or corrupt signals from the pressure of flow sensors can affect the operation of the pumping system.

SyncroFlo, Inc.

2905 Pacific Drive Norcross, GA 30071 Tel: (770) 447-4443



CONTROLLER IS FITTEDWITH FAN AND LOUVER SYSTEM The fan and filter system has two purposes: • The system dissipates all of the heat generated by the electrical components. • It also generates positive internal pressure in the enclosure, not allowing for ingress of any dust or dirt.

Drives mounted in the main controller keep them out of the elements and away from spraying water in pump rooms. Mounting inside the main enclosure also gives the system a much cleaner look. The only exposed wiring is from the controller to the driver.

TOTAL COMMITMENT Since 1962, our commitment to excellence has enabled SyncroFlo to become the world’s leading manufacturer of pumping stations. The SyncroFlo name has become synonymous with quality-built, cost-effective pump- ing systems. We pioneered pre-assembled pumping systems decades ago. Today, our installed base includes some of the largest pumping systems ever built.

2 9 0 5 P a c i f i c D r i v e No r c r o s s , GA 3 0 0 7 1 Te l : ( 7 7 0 ) 4 4 7 - 4 4 4 3 www. s y n c r o f l o . c om

SyncroFlo, Inc.

2905 Pacific Drive Norcross, GA 30071 Tel: (770) 447-4443


Complete system NSF/ANSI-61 certification through IAPMO

Complete system UL listed QCZJ as required by federal law

UL 508 Listed Nema 12 controller

PLC, HMI & VFD's by Mitsubishi with 5 year warranty

Forced air cooling with fans and filter

2.5" Liquid filled pressure gauges

Variable speed drives internally mounted up to 30 HP

Stainless steel pressure transducers

Reversible headers

QR code on panel door to access complete system documentation

ANSI Class 150 flanged connections

Carbon steel removable panel stand

304L Stainless steel piping fabricated with the T-Drill process 100% Flanged construction "The Thread is Dead"

Lutz Drive Flex Shielded Cable

Stainless steel base plate

Lug style isolation butterfly valves

High performance silent check valves

Anchor bolt holes

304 Stainless steel CCES pumps

NSF Approved bi-metallic purge valves for pump over protection

PUMP TYPES Close Coupled End Suction & Vertical Multistage

FEATURES • UL LISTING “QCZJ” • NSF 61 certified by IAMPO • 100% flanged construction “THE THREAD IS DEAD!” • 304 Stainless steel pumps close coupled end suction or vertical multistage • Stainless steel system base with grout holes, anchor holes and pipe supports • Lug style isolation butterfly valves

• High performance check valves for low station losses • PLC and HMI based controls with 5 year warranty standard • Nema 12 enclosure with air filter and fan for heat dissipation • Bolt on panel stand • QR code system identification for web based access to system manuals

PERFORMANCE  • 3” & 4”Discharges • Flow Rates to 750 GPM • Heads to 430’


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