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of research that suggests spring cleaning might actually be good for your health!

Almost 12 years ago, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life when I moved from my home in California to North Carolina. I was relocating to start my own business, and I had a huge checklist I needed to complete before I could make the jump. One item on my list involved going to my parents’ home and cleaning out the boxes I’d left there when I moved out 10 years prior.

Researchers from Sweden studied 851 adults for 15 years. They found sitting for just half an hour less per day reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by 24 percent. For many people, doing some household chores is enough to keep you on your feet for a while. Additionally, research at the University of Minnesota found that people who are in a clean, organized room are more likely to choose healthier foods

My parents still lived in the house where I grew up, so it was easy to leave boxes behind. The packages were full of old

to eat than someone who is in a messy environment. Even just getting rid of old dishes can help you eat better! (More on that inside.) In the spirit of taking advantage of spring cleaning, we kicked off the season with our Spring Clean 10-Day Challenge. For just over a week, we posted one spring cleaning challenge each day. They weren’t massive projects, like “repaint your house” or “clean the whole garage.” Instead, I wanted to show people the power of

school stuff, papers, and souvenirs from my childhood — all items that once had value to me, but were now collecting dust and taking up space. Before I could move to North Carolina and start a new stage of life, I needed to clean out what remained of the past. I took down around 10 boxes of junk and went through every single one. I kept the things I still loved, held a garage sale to get rid of the items with value, and threw the rest out. The whole process was a lot

“Much of the time, we get hung up on the clutter, and it prevents us from moving forward.”

tackling smaller projects, like “throw out the junk food in your pantry.” They were simple tasks that didn’t take more than 15 minutes, but even clearing out a little bit of excess can make a world of difference.

of work, but it was also such a positive experience. Cleaning out clutter really embodies the idea of “out with the old, in with the new.” The physical act of cleaning freed up space and opened a path for me to move on to the next chapter of my life: moving to North Carolina and starting my business. This was the first time I was introduced to the effect picking up clutter can have on the rest of your life. As we enter spring, I believe there’s something to be said for doing a little spring cleaning. After a winter spent hibernating indoors, we could all stand to tidy up our environments a little. And spring cleaning does more than just make your living room look presentable when you have people over. There’s tons

Much of the time, we get hung up on the clutter, and it prevents us from moving forward. This spring, join us in starting new chapters and improving our health by doing a little spring cleaning.

-Bryan Wisdom


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