March 2024


Texarkana native Jay Simmons to acquire the operations known as Texarkana Truck Center Inc. This partnership served as the cornerstone for the formation of Lonestar Truck Group, which expanded to 25 locations following its merger with TAG Truck Center in 2018, and changing the name to TNTX, LLC. Today it showcases a commitment to a family-oriented business approach. From that simple beginning, Lonestar Specialty Vehicles sought to serve a need in the industry. With a customer having a need and a history of knowing trucks, LSV evolved into a manufacturer of electric terminal tractors in Texarkana, Texas. LSV and TNTX support 200 employees in the Texarkana region, demonstrating a commitment to the community and operating under foundational principles of integrity, excellence, and respect. The transformation of LSV into a prominent electric truck manufacturer was accelerated by a project for a major grocery chain in San Antonio, which aimed to adopt fully electric terminal tractors across its warehouses. This initiative was facilitated by a long-standing partnership with Dana Inc., renowned for their electric component expertise, and led to the development of a fully electric terminal tractor in 2018. LSV set out to engineer a cohesive, fully integrated product, distinguishing itself from the practice of assembling disparate parts. By 2019, LSV had introduced its inaugural terminal tractor, distinguished by enhanced power and extended battery life, capable of 24-hour operations without the need to recharge for 22 hours. Subsequently, LSV has ascended to the position of the second-leading supplier in the EV Terminal Tractor market, serving major corporations nationwide that are committed to emission reduction and sustainability initiatives. In 2023, LSV achieved a significant milestone by divesting the intellectual property of

Ledwell employs many welders for its manufacturing process.

excellence for its customers. This principle remains central to its identity and the key to its ever-growing success. Seventy-eight years later, Ledwell continues to manufacture custom trailers and truck bodies catering to a wide range of industries, from water and feed trucks to their patented hydraulic trailers, serving a global clientele. Whenever there’s a requirement for a truck or trailer to execute a specific task or transport a particular piece of equipment, Ledwell manufactures a solution.

An electric terminal tractor, also known as a yard spotter, is used to move trailers in a large-scale warehouse setting.

its Terminal Tractors to the world’s leading terminal tractor market entity while continuing its

ELECTRIC TERMINAL TRACTOR MANUFACTURER Lonestar Specialty Vehicles Established 2014 60 Employees LSV is a division of TNTX, LLC with 1,300 employees “Sustainable Manufacturing for an Electric Tomorrow”

manufacturing and supply operations. With a workforce of 60 employees and an ambition

to double this number in the coming year, LSV is dedicated to

Lonestar Specialty Vehicles (LSV) was established in Texarkana, Texas, in 2014, emerging as an offshoot of a foundational enterprise that specialized in the sales and service of Class 8 tractors and trailers. The inception of the company traces back to Durk Corley’s acquisition of a single dealership in 1966. The year 2007 marked a significant development when Vic Corley partnered with

contributing significantly to the Texarkana community, steadfastly adhering to its core principles of doing what is right, striving for excellence, and treating others with respect.



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