March 2024


relentlessly research and source the highest quality natural ingredients with unwavering standards. Honored by the trust people have placed in them, they work diligently to reaffirm their commitment to providing safe, natural alternatives for you, your home, and your families. In 2017, sisters Jill and Alicia embarked on a mission to detoxify their lives. Frustrated by the lack of transparency and truly safe, effective options, Jill Rowe took matters into her own hands. She started by making her own Organic Elderberry Syrup, a natural remedy known for its immune-boosting properties. Encouraged by the positive response, Jill began expanding her product range, creating more natural remedies and wellness products. The local demand continued to grow, leading to cars lined up at Jill’s place of residence to pick up products. Seeing the potential and call to help make a positive impact, Jill’s husband, Kevin, and her sister and brother-in-law, Alicia and Mike Guzzardo, joined forces to establish Rowe Casa Organics. This began a journey of deep research, learning, and development. It was

BEVERAGE MANUFACTURER Wine-A-Rita Established 2005 15 Employees “Not a margarita... A Wine-a-Rita ® ”

Wine-A-Rita is a refreshing adventure created in Texarkana, Texas, by two friends in 2005. Knowing that every good friendship comes with a few good drinks, the founders put their heads together to develop a frozen wine drink. After much sampling, the recipe was perfected, and Wine Glacé was born. After much praise for the original creation, the brand soon expanded with additional cocktail mixes that formed the current signature line, Wine-A-Rita ® . The brand has garnered much acclaim, and the accolades continue to roll in! In 2022, Texarkana locals Cathy and Mark Van Herpen, along with their children Gabe and Matthew McBride and Molly Woolsey, took the helm of the business. As a family-operated venture with 15 dedicated employees, some of whom have been part of the company’s journey since its inception, it continues to flourish. Wine-A-Rita ® has made its mark both locally and nationally, often seen at various events with its signature traveling wine slushy trailer, available for festivals, weddings, and private gatherings. The company retains its signature tagline, “Not a margarita... but a Wine-A-Rita ® !”

Sisters Alicia Guzzardo and Jill Rowe are founders of Rowe Casa Organics.

essential to this team that the properties and benefits of natural ingredients used were intently and thoroughly studied. It is also essential that not only were products free from harmful toxins and preservatives but also that the highest quality ingredients are sourced. Every product is crafted with care and tested for effectiveness. Even as the business has grown exponentially, these foundational core values have remained central to its unwavering commitment to providing safe, natural, and effective products. The heartbeat of this endeavor is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and wellness by offering the option of trustworthy and high-quality products. Today, Rowe Casa Organics continues to thrive, guided by the values of transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Cathy and Mark Van Herpen (center) with their family, who all contribute to the Wine-A-Rita ® business.



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