March 2024


Businesses and organizations founded at the beginning of the twentieth century that remain strong today epitomize resilience. Withstanding monumental events, including a world war, The Great Depression, the attacks of 9/11, a global pandemic, and more, these century-old establishments have navigated periods of economic prosperity and downturn, strategized around new competitors entering the scene, and triumphed over older competitors seeking an edge. They are a testament to their founder’s power of vision and the unwavering dedication of a long line of loyal employees. For over a century, these Texarkana establishments have not only witnessed history but have also shaped it. Congratulations to these hometown businesses and organizations that have reached an extraordinary milestone, 100+ years of remarkable achievements and enduring commitment to our community.

We cannot confidently assert that this article encompass all entities established in Texarkana over 100 years ago. Should you be aware of any additional instances, please do not hesitate to contact us at .



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