March 2024



The crab legs were a nice addition to the crawfish. The legs snapped easily, and the meat pulled right out. I have always loved crab legs but rarely seek them out for a meal. However, the addition of them to this Cajun cuisine was perfected by the addition of Hot Tail’s “Liquid Gold,” a garlic butter sauce that I could not get enough of. I have always been a sauce guy and sometimes might even go a little overboard, but the Liquid Gold is very rich. Just a touch is all you need! Andrew One thing I can be a touch particular about at a crawfish boil are the sides (basically, anything that gets thrown in the boil pot that isn’t meat). I have had potatoes that were cooked far too long, and some on the other end of the spectrum that weren’t cooked long enough. Hot Tails has perfected the potato game. They were soft and tender and were absolutely loaded with that Louisiana flavor everyone is looking for. Topped off with a little Liquid Gold, they can’t be beat, and the corn and mushrooms were equally satisfying. As you begin to notice the season change and winter turn into spring, be sure to find yourself some boiled crawfish and other Louisiana treats at Hot Tails, located at 83 State Highway 108, Texarkana, Arkansas, just before you get to the Red River. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or simply looking for a delightful meal in a cozy setting, Hot Tails has carved a niche for itself. They’re delivering more than great food. You’ll get a memorable and enjoyable dining adventure for anyone seeking a unique Cajun experience.

Owners of Hot Tails Crawfish, Lance and Christina LeMay with Lana and John Robert Lee



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