March 2024


With a bounty of knowledge to impart to the world, Kusin will also be starting a podcast with one of his oldest and dearest friends, Jill Louis, who was his legal advisor at a number of his companies. “We already have a few episodes on the shelf. Her background and my background are very different, but we’ve worked together many times over the years and know each other very well, so that makes the podcast very interesting,” said Kusin. Even with a life as decorated and dotted by fascinating stories and life lessons as Kusin’s, inevitably we all have things we wish we could do differently. But, with a chuckle, Kusin makes clear, “I have a long fantasy list, but the reality is that if I changed anything, it would likely change everything. So, there is no way I would do anything differently—even the bad stuff!” Time spent with Kusin has been an invaluable opportunity for those he’s mentored throughout the years. Likewise, his book will be an encyclopedic road map for all who read it for generations to come. “I often do business negotiations with people outside of Texas,” he said, “and I’ll tell them that, ‘back in Texas we have a saying. You don’t have a horse trade unless we don’t both ride off on a horse.’” Kusin is the proud Papa of 11 grandchildren and it’s lessons like this that he’s working hard to bestow on each of them. He will frequently remind them that wishing is futile and ask the simple question, “What are YOU going to do in order to make something that’s important to you happen?” His life and his legacy are true examples of a man who is always learning.

Karleen and Gary Kusin with their ten grandchildren before the 11th was born.

Gary Kusin headlines at the DEC Network Mentorship Awards at Dallas Startup Week.

See “TXK Roots” on page 58 for Gary Kusin’s local insites.



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