March 2024



W hether it’s a house she’s flipping or a business she is starting, Lauren Callaway Francis strives to create an end product that maximizes her vision. In her most recent remodel, she created both an amazing home and a unique neighborhood. “In 2020, I bought the ten acres across the road from this house with the intention of building a home someday for myself. Then, this property became available, and I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it but bought the house and another almost 12 acres. I initially rented this house out while I was trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, Greg (Francis) and I were talking about it and thought it would make a wonderful subdivision,” she explained. “We brought in Kayla (Woods) at MTG Engineering, and she was a huge help with laying out the lots in a way that allowed me to maintain the vision I had of keeping the trees and keeping the nature- inspired feel of the land.”

Driving into the subdivision, Forest Estates, you immediately feel the importance of the role Francis gave to the existing landscape. Winding on towards the back of the neighborhood is the newly remodeled house tucked away, waiting to be discovered. The earthy charcoal of the siding and the German smear on the brick, accented by a touch of stone, give you the feeling the house has always been there, while also bringing a modern edge. The lake in the background further accentuates both the home and the neighborhood. Upon entering the house, a cozy living area with extended ceilings welcomes you. This is one of the few rooms to receive minimal changes during the construction process. For the rest of the house, Francis opened up tight spaces, added necessary rooms, and even reworked a set of stairs that were rather treacherous. The kitchen was opened up by extending some of the cased openings, dividing the kitchen from the living areas



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