March 2024

If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be?

CASSY MEISENHEIMER Don’t Forget to Press Record I always seem to forget to press the record button while trying to capture the moments.

TERRI SANDEFUR 42 (Douglas Adams reference)

ALANA MOREL Girl Gang I am surrounded by girls at all times.

KARA HUMPHREY Taking the Long Cut Shortcuts make me nervous, and I have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

MATT CORNELIUS How to Pretend to be Normal There is a fine line between crazy and free-spirited… and it’s usually a prescription.

LEAH ORR The Girl That Never Learned to Text I am like an old lady

BRITT EARNEST Really? Chronicles of an Enneagram 8 Still trying to understand why people do what they do.

BRITTANY ROBLES Fashionably Late I tend to be chronically tardy, but regardless of time, a great outfit is a power move.

who still calls family and friends for little things!

KRISTIN DAVIS The Life of a Dreamer: A Perfectionist’s Tale of Optimistic Pursuits

LESLI FLOWERS Here For a Good Time In the immortal words of

BAILEY GRAVITT How I Found Jesus While

TIFFANY HORTON Loved by God Even when life stinks, I know I am loved by Him and that everything will work out if I’m just patient and faithful.

I Was Constipated You just have to know the story.

George Strait, “When I’m gone, put it in stone, He left nothing behind. I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time.”

I am forever doing the most, with optimistic exuberance, when the least will suffice.


ANDREW McELHANY The Key to Flexibility A book of understanding on how we as humans make plans, and God laughs!

RAY SANDEFUR What I Wish I Had Known Sooner The title explains itself.



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