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sport they choose) one day. I want to be that 70-year-old shooting hoops with them. To do that, I need to keep myself healthy and stay active now. Strength training, stretching, and running consistently will help me stay mobile and injury-free. Maybe it’s time to revisit an activity you used to enjoy but gave up. Was there a sport you loved growing up? I think there’s a lot to be said about finding a sport or type of exercise you love. Maybe it’s a modified or different version of something you once did as a kid. So you can’t play baseball anymore? Why not try pickleball? Physical activity is so important to staying healthy, and it’s well worth finding something you enjoy. February is also American Heart Month, and it’s another good reminder about the importance of physical activity for keeping your heart healthy. We sometimes see folks who have high blood pressure or a few extra pounds — conditions that can Remember: It’s never too late to start exercising.

I remember the first time I fell for basketball. I was a third grader on a good team, and we were playing a game against a much older group of kids. The odds were stacked against us, but we played like champions. At one point in the game, I got the ball at the free-throw line. I set up to take the shot, and swoosh — I made the basket. It felt incredible, like I’d scored from half court. The crowd erupted and my teammates ran to me and lifted me up on their shoulders — or at least, that’s how my 8-year-old self remembered it.

contribute to heart disease down the road. As PTs, we don’t treat heart conditions, but we do treat the pain or injuries that are preventing you from the activities you enjoy. If your knee pain, back pain, or shoulder pain is keeping you from exercising, we can help. We’ll find out what’s causing the problem and show you movements that will help you get stronger and, eventually, be pain-free. It won’t happen overnight, but with some time and dedication to the exercises, you’ll get there. We’ll be right along beside you, cheering you on every step of the way.

I’ve loved basketball ever since.

I feel the same excitement and appreciation when I see my boys play, and I hope to watch my grandkids falling for basketball (or whichever


February Workshops

Feb. 4: Back Pain Workshop Feb. 18: Knee Workshop

It’s never too late to get back to the activities you love.

All workshops are free! Register on our website ( or give us a call to sign up!

–Sean Weatherston

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