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b Find words/phrases in the reading passage that correspond to the following sub-headings in the notes in Exercise 4. 1 Habitats 2 Reasons for migration 3 Scientific interest 4 New findings Test practice 4 Read the strategy and complete the test tasks. TEST STRATEGY In note- and table-completion tasks, the information may not follow the same order as the information in the reading passage. Questions 1–6 Complete the notes below. Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer. Monarch Butterflies Habitats Summer – eastern US and south-eastern Canada Winter – central Mexico The monarch’s dependence on wintering in a 1  highly endangered. Reasons for migration Southwards  to escape 2 Northwards  to lay eggs near 3 Scientific interest Individuals live for less than one year, so cannot 4 a route. The butterflies’ 5 skills seem to be genetic. New findings Scientists have discovered how the butterflies determine 6 while flying.

Reading (Note and table completion)

hh COURSEBOOK pages 8–9 and 18–19

Before you read 1 a Read the title of the reading passage. What information do you think the passage will contain? 1 how the monarch butterfly solves problems 2 threats to the monarch butterfly’s survival b Read the passage. Was your answer to the question in Exercise 1a correct? 2 Consider the words in italics in the reading passage: migration, navigational, genetic, compass . If you don’t know the meaning, try to guess it, then check in your dictionary. Predict language; Scan for information 3 a Read around the gaps in the test task in Exercise 4. What class of word (noun, adjective, verb, etc.) are you looking for?

hh HELP 1 The missing word must be an adjective or a countable noun beginning with a consonant.

a noun/adjective

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