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Bioscience Core Laboratory PROTEOMICS The Proteomics laboratory is equipped with state-of-the- art mass spectrometers for global and targeted proteom- ics studies. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics can be used in qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological sam- ples to determine the protein content of cell extracts, organelles, and tissues from different organisms. In addition to the identification of proteins and the deter- mination of their expression levels in different systems, the facility also provides comprehensive characteriza- tion of post-translational modifications and their relative quantitation. We offer a growing range of capabilities; our staff is available for consultation on sample preparation and ex- perimental design to provide the best analysis for each biological question. “One size doesn’t fit all.” In the Protein Expression area, we offer protein expres- sion facilities for bacterial and mammalian cells, with Biosafety Level 2 Certification. The laboratory is well equipped for protein purification and protein-protein interaction studies. Our staff offers comprehensive train- ing for researchers to be able to express and purify their proteins of interest.

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Specialized Instrument & Method Training Catalog

Edition 1, Sep te mber 2020


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