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San++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer - Continuous Flow Analyzer (CFA) Training

Nutrient analysis in seawater samples can be achieved by using the Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA), also called Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA), technique. Up to 5 analytical measurements can be made on a single sample simultaneously: Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate (ortho), and Silicate. This course aims to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and practice to perform these analyses independently. Topics covered include: basic systems operations; requirements of the wet chemistry methods; software requirements; and practice operating the system (starting the system, performing an analysis, shutting down the system, and retrieving data.) PARTICIPANT PROFILE This course is intended for students and research professionals from KAUST, and their collaborators from academia and industry, who want to analyze their nutrient samples using an automated wet chemistry system. Experience working in a Chemistry laboratory (basic) is required. PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account

• Laboratory Safety Training • Hazardous Waste Training • Emergency Incident Preparedness Training MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 5 DURATION 8 hours FREQUENCY Monthly

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Edition 1, September 2020


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