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Scientific Diving

This course prepares KAUST divers in scientific diving techniques to American Academy of Underwater Sciences Standards. Participants will be trained in plan- ning and conducting underwater scientific surveys, and gain in-depth knowledge of diving safety and diving emergency preparedness. Topics covered include: diving safety, physics and physiology of diving, decompression theory and dive planning, equipment and environment, underwater survey techniques, and CPR / EFR / AED and O2 administration. PARTICIPANT PROFILE This course is intended for students and research professionals from KAUST, and their collaborators from academia and industry, who need to conduct scien- tific diving as part of their work. PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account • Laboratory Safety Training • Hazardous Waste Training • Emergency Incident Preparedness Training • KAUST Dive Control Board and PI/Supervisor approval (See KAUST Dive Control Board website for details) MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 10 DURATION 10 days FREQUENCY Twice yearly, starting in 2021

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Specialized Instrument & Method Training Catalog

Edition 1, September 2020


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