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IMCA ROV Pilot Training

This three-week IMAC ROV course, conducted by Fugro ROV instructors, will provide users the necessary qualifications to work offshore on any scientific ROV operation. Participants will obtain ROV pilot training to IMCA standards, and gain a solid grounding in the safe deployment and operation of work class and observation class ROVs. Topics covered include: ROV safety, ROV elec- tronics theory, ROV hydraulics theory, ROV fiber optics theory, and 10 hours practical on an ROV simulator. PARTICIPANT PROFILE This course is intended for students and research professionals from KAUST, and their collaborators from academia and industry, who need to operate ROVs to conduct scientific sub sea surveys. PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account

• Laboratory Safety Training • Hazardous Waste Training • Emergency Incident Preparedness Training MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 10 DURATION 3 weeks FREQUENCY Twice yearly

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Edition 1, September 2020


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