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ELECTRON MICROSCOPY Imaging and Characterization Core Laboratory

Within this department, KAUST has established a Center of Excellence for Electron Microscopy with Thermo Fish- er Scientific. Our expertise, combined with the techno- logical and expert support derived from this partnership, places our lab at the very forefront of electron microsco- py. Techniques we specialize in include: ultra-high spatial resolution TEM/STEM and SEM imaging; ultra-high energy resolution EELS analysis of chemical states; band structure and surface plasmon; atomically resolved chemical analysis with EDS and EELS; Cryo TEM and SEM; ultra beam sensitive materials high-resolution im- aging; electron tomography; large volume 3D SEM and FIB imaging; electron crystallography and high temporal resolution in-situ TEM.

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Specialized Instrument & Method Training Catalog

Edition 1, September 2020


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