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Leica TCS LSI Microscope Training OPTICAL MICROSCOPY

The Leica TCS LSI macro confocal is the first super zoom confocal that offers high resolution plus a large 16 mm field of view for in vivo imaging. True spectral confocal technology provides crystal clear images of the highest resolution to re- veal the finest details of a model organism. The new Large Scale Imaging (LSI) platform provides a generous amount of workspace and adapts perfectly to the experimental needs of native specimen analysis. The automated optical zoom system allows seamless magnification adjustment, easy switching from overview to details, and free 3D navigation through the specimen.

PARTICIPANT PROFILE This course is intended for students and research professionals from KAUST, and their collaborators from academia and industry. General knowledge of the

technique is required. PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account

DURATION 2 days, 3 hours each day FREQUENCY Twice weekly

• Laboratory Safety Training • Hazardous Waste Training • Emergency Incident Preparedness Training MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 4

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Edition 1, September 2020


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