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MICROFLUIDICS Nanofabrication Core Laboratory The microfluidics lab offers a variety of techniques for the fabrication of microfluidic systems. These include thermal bonding of acrylic parts, surface activation of glass and PDMS, and anodic bonding of glass wafers to Si wafers. A method has been developed and patented for KAUST to speed up the fabrication process of micro- fluidics devices using a 3D resin and a projected image setup.

Other capabilities include screen printing on polymers, silicon wafers or glass for solar cells; chrome mask patterning in the cleanroom attached to the lab; and laser processing of polyamide surface which turns into graphene and can be used for electrolysis purposes, su- per-capacitors, batteries, and bio-sensors. Paper-based flexible electronics can be fabricated very quickly using laser patterning in a two-step process developed in the lab.

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Edition 1, September 2020


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