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276 HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING SERVICES 279 Getting Started on the Shaheen Supercomputer 280 Getting Started on Ibex Cluster 281 Job Scheduling on KSL HPC Systems 283 Introduction to I/O 284 Introduction to Containers 285 Dealing with Complex Workflows: Managing a Large Number of Jobs 286 Advanced Workflows Computational Biology 288 Data Science on HPC at KSL 289 Deep Learning at Scale on KSL Platforms 290 HPC Applications: Computational Fluid Dynamics 291 HPC Applications: Materials Science 295 Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI 296 Introduction to Parallel Programming with OpenMP 297 Introduction to Parallel Programming with OpenACC 298 Introduction to Numerical Libraries 299 Introduction to Performance Tools on Shaheen II 301 Biannual ANSYS-KAUST Workshop 302 KAUST-CONVERGE Workshop 303 Annual KAUST-NVIDIA Workshop: Accelerating Scientific Applications using GPUs 292 Ibex for Computational Biology 294 Introduction to Parallel Computing

Learn Develop Excel

Specialized Instrument & Method Training Catalog

Edition 1, Septe mber 2020


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