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This course introduces users to the Ibex cluster for computational biology. Partic- ipants will be given an overview of the Ibex hardware and taught how to access and effectively use the Ibex cluster, Basic Unix commands, Vi/Nano/emacs editors, Unix tools for computation biology (e.g. awk, pipe, cut, sed), and some biology software (e.g. vcftools, samtools, bamtools) in Ibex. Additional informa- tion about documentation and support will also be presented. The agenda of the training is as follows: • Ibex hardware, software, and access • Unix tools for computational biology • Working with FASTQ/BAM/SAM/VCF files using Unix commands and biolo- gy software • Computational biology applications and example workflows PARTICIPANT PROFILE This course is intended for students and research professionals from KAUST who are interested in computational bioscience, bioinformatics, and data sci- ence. Basic knowledge of the Linux command line is required. PREREQUISITES • Active Ibex cluster account MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 40 DURATION 4 hours FREQUENCY Fall and Spring semesters

PARALLEL PROGRAMMING SERIES • Introduction to Parallel Computing • Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI • Introduction to Parallel Programming with OpenMP • Introduction to Parallel Programming with OpenACC • Introduction to Numerical Libraries • Introduction to Performance Tools on Shaheen II

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Edition 1, Sept e mber 2020


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