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Biannual ANSYS-KAUST Workshop

WORKSHOP SERIES • Biannual ANSYS-KAUST Workshop • KAUST-CONVERGE Workshop • Annual KAUST-NVIDIA Workshop: Accelerating Scientific Applications Using GPUs

The KAUST Supercomputing Core Laboratory (KSL) has co-organized with ANSYS and their channel partner for the Middle East, Fluid Codes, a two-day ANSYS User meeting and workshop about ANSYS-based engineering appli- cations using the Shaheen II supercomputer. ANSYS is a leader in developing engineering simulation software. In addition to KAUST participants, a large num- ber of participants from Saudi industry and universities attend. The first day of the 2-day event is dedicated to a User Group Meeting (UGM), in which ANSYS users report their progress and success stories. ANSYS experts present the latest features of ANSYS, and KSL reports on the progress of the KSL-ANSYS partnership initiative. The second day is dedicated to hands-on sessions. The objective of this workshop is to engage industrial partners, educate en- gineering students, and strive towards establishing and providing full-service engineering simulation solutions to Saudi industry. PARTICIPANT PROFILE This workshop is intended for students who are taking numerical courses and would like to learn how to run ANSYS on Shaheen, experimentalists who would like to compare their experimental results with numerical simulations or would like to narrow down the design parameters of their experiments, and industrial users. This course can also be of interest to those who are running ANSYS on their workstations and would like to scale up their simulations. Basic understand-

ing of PDEs is desired. PREREQUISITES • Active Shaheen account MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 40

DURATION 2-3 days FREQUENCY Twice yearly

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Edition 1, September 2020


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