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Introduction to Information Visualization and Visual Analytics SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATION SERVICE


Introduction to Data Science Workshop Series

This workshop covers a broad spectrum of Visualization and Visual Analytics topics, from definitions to the standard techniques and rules used for designing complex data visualization systems. The value of the field in the current era is demonstrated to the audience. Standard tools used for designing interactive visualizations and analytics are presented through case studies. Participants will learn about standard information visualization and visual analytics techniques, along with an overview of tools and libraries. The focus of the workshop is to equip the audience with standard techniques, rules, and tools that they can ap- ply to their own datasets to interactively visualize their data. PARTICIPANT PROFILE This workshop is tailored for the KAUST research community, especially stu- dents, post docs, and scientists, who deal with complex data in their research and can benefit from creating interactive and exploratory visualizations to gain better insights from their datasets. PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 50 DURATION 1.5 hours FREQUENCY Yearly

With an increase in demand for the use of data science tools and workflows on campus, the KAUST Visualization Core Laboratory (KVL) has organized a series of “Introduction to Data Science Workshops” to equip the research community with core data science tools, and to enable future data science applications at KAUST. Through this series of workshops, KVL aims to complement its existing training series on data visualization, and also advance the state of the art in both data science and visualization by providing advanced facilities, training, services, and consulting to the KAUST community and the Kingdom. The core workshop material largely follows a curriculum developed by Software and Data Carpentry, two global non-profit organizations that teach foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. The series includes: • Introduction to Python for Data Science • Introduction to Conda for (Data) Scientists • Introduction to SQL for Data Science • Introduction to Unix Shell for (Data) Scientists • Introduction to Git for (Data) Scientists

MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 75 DURATION 5 days FREQUENCY Fall and Spring semes- ters

PARTICIPANT PROFILE This workshop series is suitable for learners with little or no exposure to data science tools and workflows. PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account

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