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Introduction to Image Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATION SERVICE


Introduction to Scientific Visualization with ParaView

This workshop introduces participants to the general-purpose Avizo and ilastik image processing tools to efficiently process raw microscopy image stacks into segmented data that can be further analyzed and visualized. It presents 3D reconstruction and methods, offers hands-on practice, and provides a demo of advanced pixel-classification workflows on Ibex cluster.

This workshop introduces scientific visualization with the highly-scalable, multi-platform, open-source ParaView application. Learn how to quickly build visualizations to analyze data using qualitative and quantitative techniques. Ex- plore data interactively in 3D, or programmatically using ParaView’s Python API. Attendees participate in a hands-on session working with ParaView to create 3D visualizations of scientific datasets, and learn how to scale up visualization workflows for Big Data. Topics covered include: • Scientific visualization principles for scalar and vector fields • ParaView GUI and features to create images, animations, and linked views • Data file formats and data structures • Scalable ParaView workflows PARTICIPANT PROFILE This course is for researchers who would like insight into their 3D vector, scalar, or time-series datasets on laptop, workstation, cluster (Ibex), or supercomputer (Shaheen). PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 36 DURATION 1 day FREQUENCY Yearly • Programming visualization pipelines • Introduction to In-situ visualization

PARTICIPANT PROFILE This workshop is for students, post docs, and scientists who analyze large image stacks in their research and can benefit from image segmentation/3D recon- struction and interactive visualization in a VR environment to gain new insights

from their image stacks. PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 36 DURATION 1 day FREQUENCY Yearly

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Edition 1, Sept e mber 2020


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