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Advanced Scientific Visualization Workflows with ParaView SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATION SERVICE

This workshop introduces ParaView - a highly-scalable, open-source, multi-plat- form data analysis and visualization application. ParaView is the essential tool for scientific visualization, especially for large datasets. It is a professional-qual- ity, user-friendly software that is packed with advanced functionality. It was developed to analyze extremely large datasets (using distributed memory and parallel computing resources); but its special super-power is that it grows with the user’s data, running great on the laptop, the workstation, the cluster (Ibex), and the supercomputer (Shaheen). ParaView users can quickly build visualiza- tions to analyze their data using qualitative and quantitative techniques. Attend- ees will participate in a hands-on session working with ParaView to learn how to prepare data and automate visualizations to scale the analysis from workstation to cluster to supercomputer. The workshop also covers In-situ visualization and analysis. PARTICIPANT PROFILE This advanced course is for researchers who would like detailed insights into their complex 3D vector, scalar, or time-series datasets on a laptop, workstation, cluster (Ibex), or supercomputer (Shaheen). PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 36 DURATION 4 hours FREQUENCY Yearly

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Edition 1, September 2020


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