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In Vivo Techniques on the Laboratory Mouse

The Animal Resources Core Lab supports biomedical research conducted at KAUST. This course offers users a theoretical overview on animal welfare and biosecurity concepts as well as hands-on experience on basic in vivo proce- dures, including animal handling and restraint, administration and collection of substances, anesthesia, and euthanasia. PARTICIPANT PROFILE This course is intended for students and research professionals from KAUST, and their collaborators from academia and industry. Participants with no expe- rience on in vivo procedures and those who would like to refresh their skills are welcome. PREREQUISITES • Active Badger account

• Laboratory Safety Training • Hazardous Waste Training • Emergency Incident Preparedness Training MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS 12 DURATION 2 days FREQUENCY Yearly, or upon request for a minimum of 5 participants

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Edition 1, September 2020


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