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Bioscience Core Laboratory BIOINFORMATICS The Bioinformatics team operates in synergy with all oth- er areas in the Bioscience Core Laboratory. Routinely, the bioinformatics team performs primary data analyses, quality control assessment, and data management and distribution. We ensure that computational and storage needs of Bioscience Core Laboratory instruments are met for today and tomorrow’s needs.

The team significantly contributes towards the planning and the establishing of new technologies, especially those relevant to high-throughput facilities. At the other end, the Bioinformatics team supports KAUST and in-Kingdom researchers by providing advice on experimental design and consultations for down- stream analysis as well as bioinformatics training. Where resources permit, the team also engages in sci- entific collaborations and early-access trials.

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Specialized Instrument & Method Training Catalog

Edition 1, Sep te mber 2020


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