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Bioscience Core Laboratory GENOMICS The Genomics laboratory offers a wide range of applica- tions covering third and next generation sequencing as well as capillary sequencing. Third generation sequencing (TGS) technologies are ca- pable of generating very long reads on single DNA/RNA molecules. This is ideal for de-novo assembly, scaffold- ing, spanning repeats, and complex structural rearrange- ments. It can also be used in studying different isoforms of full-length transcripts. Next generation sequencing (NGS) provides high throughput short read sequencing capability to enable projects for re-sequencing, population genetics, tran- scriptomics and metagenomics, with protocols capable of handling minimal input of starting material. It can be coupled with single cell genomics technologies to study individually isolated subpopulations of cells. The Bioscience Core Laboratory is an approved PacBio Certified Service Provider. In addition, the laboratory is well equipped for capillary sequencing, low to high throughput qPCR and digital PCR, FACS analysis and cell sorting, and nucleic acid quantification.

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Edition 1, Sep te mber 2020


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