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JUNE 2020


Being able to work with judges directly via videoconferencing is changing the landscape of how we handle our clients’ cases for the better. Because of video proceedings, courts have actually been able to get to their backlog of cases much faster than they would under traditional practices. The Whisler Law Firm has also been able to serve many more clients for the same reason: Telecommuting and videoconferencing cuts travel time completely out of the picture. We can get more depositions and more hearings done during the day because we’re not having to travel between multiple locations for them. It’s an incredibly exciting prospect that we hope the courts and other firms will continue utilizing in the future. Videoconferencing could change the scope of how we’re able to serve our clients. We’re in the midst of seeing that proven right now. So if you’re ready to continue pushing forward with your case, then we’re ready to help. There’s no reason to delay, so don’t let the insurance companies, the courts, or anyone else tell you otherwise. All you need to keep up the fight is a computer or a laptop with a built-in webcam and microphone, a good internet connection, and the ambition to work with us to make things happen. The Whisler Law Firm is not slowing down. We’re finding ways to be busier than ever, and we’re excited to embrace the new frontier this change in process is ushering in.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes. Due to this pandemic, experts are working hard every single day to find treatments, and people must find new, fresh ways of experiencing the world. The reality is that the way businesses are operating is shifting. Employees and consumers alike have shown incredible adaptability in the face of this challenge, and it’s bringing a new wave of changes to how work gets done. The judicial branch of the legal system is experiencing its own innovations, and that’s why there’s no reason for us to halt the work we do for you. This is a time to continue pushing forward, and that’s exactly what The Whisler Law Firm is doing. COVID-19 initially caused many legal proceedings to slow down, and this had insurance companies practically drooling. If you’ve filed a claim recently, then insurance carriers hope they can use

COVID-19 and its ripple effects to delay processes. They want you to wait things out long enough that you’ll get impatient and agree to a lower settlement amount or drop the case altogether. But we’re putting our foot down. We’re making them file motions of protective order, and we’re not allowing them to cancel proceedings. They have no excuse to do so because the courts have now made it so that proceedings can continue. Florida courts have been allowing virtual hearings, depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and more to take place. For a long time, many judges were adamantly against doing anything virtual or technical except for e-filing through an online portal because they simply didn’t trust that the system would work. But now, they’ve been forced to adjust their trust, and it’s certainly working.

–Josh Whisler

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