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Precisely why Warren’s BRK structure is so far superior to EFTs, mutual funds, hedge funds (w 7m audio) – AOF™ . . . Warren’s annual letter . . . Berkshire’s annual report PDF University donors and students on Israel collision course Warren’s changed many lives – be one – AOF™ Gov. Abbot’s star is rising, he’s winning on illegal migration

Texas no longer hotspot for illegal migration Texas & UT Austin will stop anti-sematic protests Intel selling ~$4 billion of bonds for chip plant

Austin accelerator NewChip (Astralabs) yahoo CEO Ryan files for bankruptcy, court gloms $500M equity rights of up to 1,000 startups^ Columns™ April Monthly "The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read." ~ Mark Twain, AB Best viewed in landscape mode on phones. Select a purple column header to leave comments, we read then move them. Our mission is to deliver interesting, unbiased or multiple points of view, “long term important” and machine intelligence news & views. The Columns™ AI Newspaper, USAjobs Inc.- a not-for-profit organization.

Source: Icebike Biking really, really boosts mood and love of life – Ed.

Source: MarketWatch Jamie Dimon: AI impactful as printing press, electricity, computers, Internet . . . Jamie’s letter says why

Source: Visual Capitalist Warren has been right for 70 years and likely the next 30 at least – AOF™

Source: ertex Solar balconies big business – homes, business, parking building venues – SUNz™

Source: Sunman PVTS™ PV Tensile Structures from SUNz™

BJYLabs™, SUNz™, SpeedO™, LakeTX™, AOF™:


HEALTH, WELLNESS, WARNINGS & NOTICES: Yes, Alzheimer’s is genetic, genes a cause not a risk – A4DP™ Unbelievable – world’s largest kidney stone Fish Oil (omega-3) dose amount critical – correct is cardio protective, excess induces AFib^ – A4DP™ . . . and . . . plain English, again – AFib . . . AFib and AHA’s fish oil recommendation: >1g/d 49% greater AFib risk, <1g/d 12% greater risk Daily consumption of olive oil reduces chances of developing dementia – A4DP™ Gene identified as key to learning and memory – A4DP™ Air pollution is associated with increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ CDC on AFib

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AGI, 3AI™ BETA: a16z: Understanding AI By Easy Steps – The AI Canon Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s) Advanced robot cognition through Generative AI and neural networks – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI Economic strategies for copyright challenges in Generative AI – THE ARTS – AI Integrating Generative AI into product design education – EDUCATION – AI Google DeepMind unveils new AlphaFold AI – MEDICINE & ENGINEERING – CS – AI Generative leap: Integrating AI into the internet of things (IoT) – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Intricacies of Generative AI in software development – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Unpredictable nature of visual Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI ChatGPT’s false info about people gives rise to ongoing lawsuits and can’t be corrected – LAW & ENGINEERING – AI . . . more Enhancing social intelligence through AI virtual scenarios – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Igniting innovation in the age of Generative Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Revolutionizing drug discovery with Generative AI – MEDICINE &

Capital gains tax on home sales Austin to demolish convention center for development at the BJY (1992) First St. Bridge Deducing the Hamiltonian – quantum learning

Source: AFP U.S. delayed weapons shipment to Israel as a political message UK to expel Russia defense attache for intel role Old Ivy Leagues lose luster, New Ivies Vanderbilt, UT Austin, Rice, UMD, USC, UWisconsin-Madison and 12 more Russia has militarized and mobilized, the west has not Macron moves FL troops to Ukraine border Putin starts nuke tests

Source: Visual Capitalist So you don’t think AI is going to much affect you or someone you care about – 3AI™

Source: VisualCapatalist Transportation – who’s smart who’s not – SpeedO™ Bikes & GreenWays

Source: CDC If you might know why the AFib rate is so low and high in these areas, please comment – Ed.

Source: GZERO Hamas agrees to cease-fire terms amid Israeli concerns of diluted deal

HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Antropic’s Claude 3 Opus AI appears self-aware with graduate level reasoning – 3AI™ DAI™ – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI startups in big trouble, profits or close, $330 billion invested – Ans: scaleups, universities – 3AI™ DAI™ The Human Knowledge Project™ – ENGINEERING & BUSINESS – AI Shift from largest to smallest for user AI “apps” – Apple releases 8 AI for phones & offline, vs Microsoft’s Phi-3 Billions into GenAI, no profits yet . . . but Microsoft has profits, Google says they will – AOF™ Future of health care: Generative AI and large language models – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Raidar: How AI detects other AI writing – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Impact of copyright on the Generative-AI supply chain – BUSINESS & LAW – Management – AI AI writes police reports from body cams MSFT launches AI for phones – huge deal . . . Phi-3 tiny resources, big performance, AI will run everywhere Patient-friendly discharge summaries: the role of Generative AI – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Large multimodal models for graphic design – THE ARTS – AI MD Learning with Generative AI- created images– MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Manager’s guide to the complexities of AI-enhanced customer service – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI Paving the way for zero-shot AI in dermatology – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Intellectual property conundrum with Generative AI – LAW – AI Stanford’s plain English charts show AI’s status – 3AI™ DAI™ IEEE: 15 graphs of AI’s status Skyrocketing cost of training AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI generated art, ownership, originality, and the future of artistic expression – THE ARTS – AI Theory of planned behaviour and generative AI adoption in higher education – EDUCATION – AI Building trustworthy legal AI – an open-source approach – LAW –

NIH: Health benefits of cacao (cocoa) . . . NIH: In detail . . . a health history of cacao . . . FDA opinion Banking behavior could be used to detect early Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Organ transplant drug may slow Alzheimer’s disease progression – A4DP™ Overweight associated with alterations in brain pulsations – A4DP™ AHA: Fish oil induces AFib !^ Disparities in sleep health and insomnia begin at a young age – A4DP™ . . . NIH on fish oil & AFib . . . more NIH on fish oil & AFib . . . EU Society of Cardiology Stem cells improve memory, reduce inflammation in Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Fat consumption influences Alzheimer’s risk – A4DP™ Apple security breach? – Apple IDs locking, no explanation . . . Forbes: on a grand scale . . . here’s why and how Two lifeforms have merged into one Reducing your stress when caring for dementia – A4DP™ Source: ARTUR PLAWGO Stress and alcohol accelerate Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ FDA: H5N1 highly virulent bird flu found on store shelves, 40 herds, 8 states, poultry farms, barn cats, circulating half a year undetected – USDA, CDC on containment team . . . FDA warns Nano-material that mimics proteins could be basis for new neurodegenerative disease treatments – A4DP™ The Alzheimer’s drug development pipeline – A4DP™ Geraniol attenuates oxidative stress and cognitive impairment – A4DP™ To slow time, each day do something that scares you, or that’s visually truly new as in a new adventure^

Source: CBO Is there a fix for U.S. $34 trillion on-books debt? . . . CBO warning MIT follows Texas, DEI is out

. . . more . . . more

Source: Visual Capitalist New Houston-Brookshire solar panel factory starts up – SUNz™ . . . factory tour video 2:33 . . . more (hc$j) Warren: eye popping returns over for Berkshire (w 11m audio) – AOF™ Warren and his ABM – AOF™ Google DeepMind unveils new AlphaFold AI for protein and chemistry research Samsung buys ultrasound startup Sonio for $92.7M

Federal Freddie Mac may start 2nd mortgages (HELs and perhaps HELOCs), unlocking $1 trillion . . . WSJ: more (w 5m audio) VC returns so close to Treasuries they may not make sense now (w audio, again) The 70 most conservative universities – A&M, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Tarelton, Howard Payne, BYU, BYU HI Texas top 10 party schools For a successful life write your own obituary (and invest like Warren) – AOF™

Source: DACC USDA funded AgSolar™ a huge market & opportunity – SUNz™ (“Suns”) W&C^

Source: Rebecca Zisser/Insider Russia will hold tactical nuclear weapon drill Columns™ Monthly – March 2023 Flipbook Columns™ Monthly –February 2024 Flipbook Columns™ Monthly – January 2024 Flipbook Columns™ 1 in 50 Putin will use nukes (re Xi)

NREL Solar cell efficiency 1976 to present – SUNZ™

Source: Joan Cros Meta | Ray-Ban is winning the AI glasses race – Apple has a strong competitor – 3ai™ YLabs™ . . . more Bots & AI transforming manufacturing, fast food, farming, transportation, warehouses, inspection, rescue, weapons & warfare (w 1m bot video) – YLabs™ SwifT™ Economic slowdown & consumer pullback – higher education, business, scaleups /startups, and AI effects (w 4m audio) – 3aiUT5^

Source: Hungarian Conservative Macron floats Ukraine troop deployment if frontline breached Wedman Young permit acceleration – environmental, infrastructure, BIL, IRA and CHIPS more world-competitive, lower project cost, faster construction^ Brilliant analysis of the Putin /Russia and Xi /China relationship, and the future 9:41 Elon will solve his problems in Tesla – SpaceX a lifetime win –

The rise of solar roofs everywhere – SUNz™ . . . counter point Warren dumps stocks, BRK cash at all-time high – AOF™ Most of Warren’s wealth created after 65 – what you can learn from it – AOF™ Fundamentals of value investing, Warren explains selling 18% of AAPL 1Q24 – AOF™ Stack Overflow finally succumbs to OpenAI X to summarize news events using Grok AI

AOF™ What’s really driving up your mortgage price (w 4m audio) Ukraine retreats waiting on U.S. munitions, ammo, equipment (w full audio) . . . all of Ukraine front line may fall California owner lot-splitting law struck down Austin home prices continue down . . . statistics A look-back at Tesla’s product future a year ago Russia: Bulgaria will be drawn into Ukraine war U.S. sanctions firms in China for support of Russia’s war Biden ignorantly calls allies India and Japan ‘xenophobic’ (op)

AI Practical GenAI for better healthcare outcomes – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Leveraging Generative AI for improved investment strategies – BUSINESS – Finance – AI – AOF™ Disruption and innovation: Generative AI in the creative landscape – THE ARTS – AI A multi-faceted look at Generative AI in student life – EDUCATION – AI AI investors and invested may declare AI equal to humans in 2 years – 3AI™ AI for customized experiences – EDUCATION – AI Current research and future applications of generative AI and LLMs – EDUCATION – AI One (but not the only) method for GenAI design buildings – ARCHITECTURE – AI Source: InsideEVs Tesla has fixed severe crashing demand once before – ENGINEERING – AI . . . Elon’s plan is true self- driving robotaxis by August 2024 – ENGINEERING – AI WP: Trump would cede Donbas and Crimea to end Ukraine war (Biden’s original deal – Ed.) Generative AI’s role in the era of “unlimited” misinformation – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Integrating Generative AI into healthcare practice and governance – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Using large language models to transform product visibility – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI ChatGPT and generative AI: A new era in medical learning – EDUCATION & MEDICINE– AI Computing curriculum with generative AI – EDUCATION – AI GenAI for virtual financial robo ‐ advisors – – EDUCATION & INVESTING – AOF™ – AI AI is making a mess of criminal law evidence – LAW – AI Jamie Dimon: AI impactful as printing press, electricity, computers, Internet – BUSINESS – AI Generative AI prompting for human-machine collaborative knowledge construction – ENGINEERING – CS – AI GenAI’s ability to understand human emotions – ENGINEERING –

Ambien withdrawal peaks in 1-5 days, subsides in 1-2 weeks^ – A4DP™ . . . NIH . . . Mayo: switch Ambien to Lemborexant, then none . . . or Quviviq Microscopy demystifies metabolism of Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Pick’s Disease – Genetic association study opens up new treatments – A4DP™ Antipsychotics for dementia linked to more harm – A4DP™ Wegovy (semaglutide) substantially reduces stroke, cardiac, and kidney risks; weight loss reduces blood pressure . . . more (amazing) . . . and risks (w 10m audio)

Source: SIA, again American chips – a $trillion of spending – AOF™ 3AI™ UT5™ Microsoft bans enterprise AI tool for U.S. Law enforcement agencies

Source: WSJ Longevity vacations (w 7m audio) – 61™ MedX™ LakeTX™ Dementia treatments linked with serious side effects – A4DP™ Gut Metabolites and GPCRome in Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ HIV treatments help Alzheimer’s patients – A4DP™

WDC AI Expo 24 May 7-8 – network, find partners, it’s free SUNz™ direct solar heat pumps with natgas – most efficient, lowest operating cost . . . cooling to triple by 2030, Carrier going all in Federal IRA, BIL money funds new heat pumps, inverters, efficient solar installations, training, and much more; USDA funds “rural” businesses – SUNz™ Wiring harness maker secures $362 million loan for Williamson Cty factory – BJYDev & CHIPartners™ OnlineAI-Khan™ – Best university courses online & for students AI use^ Bernstein: Be Warren, buy AAPL while cheap – AOF™ Investors rarely tell you the real reason they pass – YLabs™ AI scaleups & startups should have growing sales to be viable, only cash not working – AOF™ AI startups in big trouble – profit or close – $330 billion invested – Ans: scaleups, universities – DAI™ 3AI™ The Human Knowledge Project™ (w 9m audio) – YLabs™ DAI™

Source: Liam Kennedy Vanderbilt How Nashville can avoid Austin’s outcome (w 8m audio)

Source: Toyota Camry goes hybrid only

Source: SVETLOZAR HRISTOV Microplastics move from gut to brain, block micro-capillaries, cause other body illness – A4DP™ Dietary preference change an early Alzheimer’s sign – A4DP™ Obesity-induced cognitive decline – A4DP™ Sugar cravings could be caused by loneliness Alzheimer’s disease progresses faster in people with Down syndrome – A4DP™ Sleeping flushes waste out of the brain Practical GenAI for better healthcare outcomes – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Why bottled water can be really, really water can be bad

Camry now, and then – no true price increase 1983 to 2024 Modi is $20 trillion short on his grand economic transition plan . . . India at crossroads, can go either way [it depends on fundamental character, and growing from “tribal” to world leader thinking, surpassing China (op) – Ed.] NATO preps for war with Russia Europe preps 300 nuclear missile “umbrella” for war with Russia . . . we’re one convincing viral fake away NASA ditches its 2040 Mars mission, adds Elon’s SpaceX, Blue Origin, U.S. companies –

. . . more . . . more

sooner, better, less risk, giant opportunities – $11B was too much JPMorgan: how to spot fraud, scams and fakes^ Two bets: Venezuela (bb$) . . . and Argentina (bb$) Gallup: Immigration American’s #1 problem The colossal flaw of remote work – it kills leadership (w 4m audio)

for you – know your source UK considers banning cigarettes for next-generation

CS – AI Using watermarks to detect and attribute AI-generated content – LAW, JOURNALISM, ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI-powered characterization of unidentified visuals – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Measuring success: Core metrics for AI-powered healthcare chats – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI How students view generative AI for learning – EDUCATION – AI DALL-E/ChatGPT Merger: seamless image creation and editing – ENGINEERING – CS – GenAI h U.S. House bans Microsoft Copilot AI – GOVERNMENT – AI GenAI for personalized persuasion – COMMUNICATIONS & JOURNALISM – AI Corporate compliance and accountability in the age of generative artificial intelligence – BUSINESS – Management – AI Next-generation HR: Harnessing the power of generative AI for talent management – BUSINESS – Management – AI GenAI and chain-of-thought reasoning (show step by step solutions) – 3AI™ DAI™ – ENGINEERING – CS – AI NVIDA software’s new competition UXL is Intel + Microsoft + Google + Qualcomm San Diego + maybe millions of developers – 3AI™ DAI™ – ENGINEERING – COMPUTER SCIENCE – AI Using GPT for immersive cybersecurity education – EDUCATION – AI Optimizing production with Generative AI: A case study – BUSINESS – Management – AI Simulations made simple: AI transforms text into physics – EDUCATION – AI Responsible AI in the news industry, and strategies – JOURNALISM – CS – AI Generative AI is revolutionizing drug discovery and personalized medicine - MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Generative AI in healthcare – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Fashion’s new stitch – GAI generative AI for new knit designs – APPAREL – NATURAL SCIENCES – AI Google GenAI tuned for MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI How to teach AI in higher education – EDUCATION – AI Learning reimagined: How AI is reshaping the educational landscape – EDUCATION – AI

ChatGPT’s false info about people gives rise to ongoing lawsuits and can’t be corrected . . . more Remove, repair or replace your toilet. A plumber quoted $930.92 in Austin for a new wax seal – took $17 of parts and 35 minutes. 1:50

Source: VIB New mechanism uncovered in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Obese and overweight children at risk of iron deficiency Local greenery and low crime rates may reduce dementia risk factors – A4DP™ How I overcame alcohol & other addictions The best way to prevent diabetes type 2 Acute Kidney Injury With Semaglutide^ . . . and avoid these drugs Role of microglia in Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Insomnia may predict drinking in adults – A4DP™ Memory self-test via smartphone can identify early signs of Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Hawaii running out of water, no easy answers U.S. short 232 drugs, first time ever Gallup: What happiness means to our GenZ

Source: DNyuz Peloton (stationary bikes) CEO Barry McCarthy to step down

Source: Goodyear Goodyear on remolded tires, especially EVs & Hybrids

Source: Bizjournal Big bet pays off for first Samsung-Taylor building – BJYDev & CHIPartners™ Samsung reports enormous profit jump on AI – AOF™ DAI™ Apple’s largest stock buy-back ever $110 billion – AOF™

Source: Courtney Pierce 25 best restaurants in Austin Tesla Y cheapest ever in Oregon for $23,550 . . . Oregon rebates NATO deploys aircraft due Russian grid attacks Warfare has become drone-fare – U.S. Abrams M-1 tanks withdraw from loses 74 Bot companies that are hiring – Hertz ups 2024 EV liquidation to 30,000 . . . Hertz EV sales site, incredible prices The argument for hybrids over EVs Americans not ready for retirement, weren’t conservative, low savings^ Ukraine using long range ATACMS missiles for first time Macron: Europe could die if we don’t prepare Germany preps for U.S. troops on NATO eastern front “The era of European peace is over”

Source: Austin Energy The ROI on Austin & Texas solar – why business invests – SUNz™ Antropic’s Claude 3 Opus AI appears self-aware with graduate level reasoning – 3AI™ DAI™ Very low cost solar panels from China flood the market, some U.S. solar companies up the creek but also great opportunity? – SUNz™ Google’s chief scientist Jeff Dean on India and Indian AI The solution to crazy expensive fast food – the automated AI Bot Drive-Thru (w 6m audio) – BJYLabs, Sprite™ 50 free Harvard online courses^ – Shift from largest to smallest for user AI “apps” – Apple releases 8 AIs for phones & offline, vs Microsoft’s Phi-3 Ray-Ban | Meta glasses may dominate before Apple AR glasses – AOF™ SunPower closes residential business, lays off 1,000,

Source: Jinchao hou Immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease shows promise in mice – A4DP™ Genetic variant defends against Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Higher genetic risk of obesity means working out harder for same results – A4DP™

Source: University of Tokyo Lab-grown brain cells provide insight into how our brains work – A4DP™

financials far overstated profits (re SUNz™) CHIPS Act brilliant for America, plus 10X match by chip makers . . . more Ray-Ban | Meta glasses add video calling, more styles Oil back up to $89 Billions into GenAI, no profits yet . . . but Microsoft has, Google says they will

Cognitive decline may be detected using network analysis – A4DP™ Brain vesicles found to contain selectively packaged, full- length mRNA – A4DP™ Forget an iPhone or smartphone for your kids, a “feature” phone with texting is just fine, stops addiction and mental illness

How AI could be misused to weaponize information – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI

Source: AP How to detect fake AI images, otherwise note the image quality Foundations for GenAI in cities – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Validating generative AI adoption for entrepreneurs – BUSINESS – Management – AI Using generative AI in coding education – EDUCATION – AI The Moonshot to map the brain, why it’s important Did OpenAI see AGI? – 3AI™ Did OpenAI see AGI? – ENGINEERING CS – AI The Moonshot to map the brain, why it’s important – NEUROSCIENCE & AI How OpenAI’s store is working . . . details GenAI and achieving human visual quality – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI-generated content for video marketing and multimedia content – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI ChatGPT for coding error hints – EDUCATION & CODING – AI Generative AI, creatives and copyright – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Personalized clothing by GenAI – FASHION & CLOTHING – CS – AI Deep learning + LLMs produces creative discoveries, i.e. reasoning – ENGINEERING – CS – AI COGNITION AI CODES A COMPLETE WEBSITE, VIDEO GAME OR APPLICATION – PETER THEIL FUNDED Reuters pursues $8Bn AI professional services rollup – DAI™ WEST’S REGULATION OF AI BEGINS, BUT NOT FOR CHINA & RUSSIA – GOVERNMENT & LAW – AI ChatGPT Vision can help 3D designers – THE ARTS – ENGINEERING – AI GPT – Understanding quantum computing – QAI™ – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Large language models and causal inference in

Source: Visual Capitalist Deposits may be at risk in the =>regional<= banks on this list

Source: Jesus Madero Perez Human neuron model paves the way for new Alzheimer’s therapies – A4DP™ Untangling the threads of early onset dementia – A4DP™ Deep dive into the genetics of alcohol consumption – A4DP™

Source: Axios ByteDance has no plans to sell TikTok Snap’s spotlight outshines Tiktok- SnApp™

Source: AFP Xi meets Blinken on tough issues Richard Weekly & brother David – men to know . . . David

Source: CNN Taiwan emerges remarkably unscathed after massive earthquake Exercise, activity, sleep and mood – you knew it – A4DP™ . . . study done at UT Austin FDA approves new drug for resistant high blood pressure – first in 40 years Macron says ‘no doubt’ Russia targeting Paris Olympics Ultrasound therapy shows promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Stressful events in midlife might be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Benefits and risks of data sharing in dementia research – A4DP™ STDs in seniors a crisis ALZHEIMER’S CAN SPREAD BY INJECTIONS & TRANSPLANTS – A4DP™ . . . more NO REFINED SUGAR! Hair straighter caused acute kidney failure Gardening, handwriting, drawing, hand-work really good for the brain – A4DP™

Source: Rokid Rokid’s AR glasses and Ray Ban | Metas may change your view about phones, computers and AI. Period. . . . more . . . Ray Ban | Meta . . . even Solos glasses? . . . Solos test

Source: Joe K. Longley John Hill Texas DTPA law turns 50 – powerful and effective^ – YLabs™ Biden says he’ll debate Trump U.S. GDP slows to 1.6% New Haiti government sworn in during secret ceremony EU raids offices of Chinese security equipment maker Nuctech – the trade war

Source: Adobe Adobe brings more Generative AI tools to Photoshop FTC votes to ban non-competes, but not for senior executives, NDAs and confidentiality – BJYLabs California roof solar’s massive cost shift – SUNz™ EV prices crash, TSLA falls . . . but just wait

Source: VisualCapitalist

SunPower says financials suspect, substantially overstated earnings CoStar (Loopnet,, buys 3D home walk-through Matterport – BRS™ SUNz™ BJY™ . . . Matterport . . . Cupix . . . Giraffe 360 . . . Zillow indoor 3D tours – BRS™ ChatGPT5 just after elections . . . more WhatsApp unveils file sharing “without internet”

Geopolitical allies boost trade amid global tensions Amtrak: Houston – Dallas HS Rail can be done in 10 years . . . more 218 mile 200 mph Las Vegas to S.CA true HS Rail breaks ground Tesla laying off 2,600 at Austin HQ Gigafactory Survey of University free discussion of ideas, free speech – Ivy League losing students . . . eastern kids heading south & southwest Biden enacts law that could ban TikTok Ukraine to get U.S. Weapons “within hours”

Half as good as Ozemoic, 1/30 the price^ Medicare plans now cover Wegovy if heart conditions^ – MW . . . under Part D . . . FDA decision . . . fat to muscle loss is 2:1 with Wegovy . . . building muscle mass while weight loss . . . NIH on building muscle mass – resistance (weight) training . . . suggestions

collaboration – ENGINEERING – CS – AI China moves to delete U.S. from its AI, tech & software (w 12m audio) – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Process modeling with large language models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI XpertAI: uncovering model strategies for sub-manifolds – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Monitoring AI-modified content at scale – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI Try Perplexity if none other – ChatGPT v Gemini v Perplexity – 3AI™ BJYLabs . . . a real world test of these 3 GenAI’s near future is focused – education, niche tools, training, coding – 3AI™ BJYLabs – HEALTHCARE BUSINESS EDUCATION 140 of 150 – AI Try Perplexity if none other – ChatGPT v Gemini v Perplexity – 3AI™ BJYLabs – HEALTHCARE BUSINESS EDUCATION – AI . . . a real world, interesting test of these 3 Data-Centric Trustworthy AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Large language models predict human memory – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI Reviewing academic science writing from humans & GenAI – EDUCATION – AI The untrue opinion “nobody knows why GenAI works” – 3AI™ AI finds key signs that predict patient survival across dementia types – A4DP™ – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Creating photos with AI realism – THE ARTS – AI Accelerate Process Analysis and Modeling with Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Interactive prompt engineering for text-to-image creation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI The $1.5 trillion market replacing really old legacy software – DAI™ BJYLabs (w 8m audio) How to use chatbot context windows How to use ChatGPT’s analysis feature China on GAI for web pages to code progress – ENGINEERING – CS – AI 10+ major universites (not UT) on limiting GenAI WMD info – GOVERNMENT & EMGINEERING – CS – AI Esoteric questions about GAI “background” reasoning – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Kai . . . V2™ bidirectional equipment note

Only SUNz™ (est. 1957) delivers solar with V2™ EV/Hybrid home backup and 3 year ROI – Ford, GM, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi; 2025: Tesla, all GM, Escalade IQ, Toyota Hybrids Bill’s 4 stocks 80% of portfolio – MSFT (33%), BRK.A – BRK.B (17%), WM (16%), CNI (15%) – AOF™ Big blow to California home solar as utilities stop buying their power (w 6m audio) – SUNz™ Realtors® and National Association of Realtors responsible for a sky high prices and housing mess – go Berkshire Real Services™ Why U.S. partnering with UAE /Abu Dhabi for advanced AI – China orders Apple to pull messaging apps, Tim jumps Tesla robotaxi or $25k model 2 Tiny Homes Inc. and the $30 billion market in three years (but own the land) – SUNz™ 15:00 . . . what is almost no home maintenance, house work, debt, or mortgage really worth to you? California may have too much on-grid solar power, but certainly not enough isolated or off-grid – SUNz™ Forbes on home solar panels – SUNz™ Tesla cuts prices again on Y, S and X – $2,000 . . . more

Source:: Nature Protein Miss-folding in Alzheimer’s Disease to Down Syndrome – A4DP™

Source:: Spector Lab Artificial human ear grafts: scientists reach significant milestone Blocking a neural receptor responsible for addiction could reduce alcohol use Dengue rages in Puerto Rico Trazodone slows cognitive decline – A4DP™ How to use mRNA to target Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ New imaging method illuminates oxygen’s journey in the brain – A4DP™ Patients with delirium more likely to develop dementia – A4DP™

Source: Reader's Digest America’s 40 most scenic bucket list drives Home prices to rise ~2% 2024 & 2025 . . . per Freddie Mac Trump’s donors & fundraising breakdown April 15 for March 2024 . . . Tesla enters “wartime” mode Bot and AI rate of change China scientists claim ability

Source: UC Davis Health Human brains are getting larger: That may be good news for dementia risk – A4DP™

to detect U.S. F-22s Democrats fear JFKJr

New treatment target for Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Risk factors for faster aging of the brain – A4DP™ Slowing Parkinson’s with diet, whole plant foods and hydration – A4DP™ Slowing Parkinson’s – work your brain, be social, get plenty of sleep – A4DP™ Slowing Parkinson’s with long- term aerobic exercise, cycling, balance -agility -flexibility – A4DP™ . . . Yale: high intensity exercise may reverse Parkinson’s – A4DP™ . . . more Parkinson’s and stress – A4DP™ New protein variant in mitochondria may counteract Alzheimer’s risk gene – A4DP™ Inconsistent weight may increase risk of cardiovascular disease^ Not just your genes: neighborhood environment may impact risk of Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Screen time has damaged our children – our grandchildren also? . . . it’s this bad . . . Steve Jobs, Bill Gates (Elon, Zuckerberg & Cuban) knew not to – do you? Elon takes ketamine, here’s the skinny in 60 seconds 300,000 condoms to be handed out at 2024 Paris Olympic Village (w 4m audio) Source: Unsplash Novel genetic variants associated with Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ Immune cells identified as key players in brain health – A4DP™ Nutrition and Alzheimer’s disease may be linked – A4DP™ Shingrix vax is dementia protective – A4DP™ Breakthrough: Stem cells grow a new windpipe for S. Korean woman Intermittent fasting can be deadly Eat nuts – we now know how spinal cord & brain myelin is formed The Cures Act: patients get instant test results

Anthropic (Google, Amazon, SalesForce backed) debuts highly competitive new AI with image & doc uploads – 3AI™ Human stupidity a far greater threat than AI – 3AI™ AI-bridged scalable personalization for creative language arts^ – THE ARTS – AI Open-domain planning representations from texts – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Navigating the generative AI landscape – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: TSMC TSMC begins wafer production in new 2nm Phoenix chip plant –^

Source: Reuters North Korea’s unexpected influence on western animation Ukraine’s request for patriot missiles faces hesitation from Europe Where is your mind Mr. President?! China has expanded into the Caribbean, Antigua & Barbuda

Source: LA times Excess solar energy could spike CA’s electricity bills ! Third-party hardware makers gain access to Meta’s Quest OS Reuters Daily Audio Podcast For Apple Users New York Times Front Page Wall Street Journal Front Page

Source: swns U.S. parades 12 stealth nuclear bombers warning Iran “can strike anywhere, any time” USDA – Texas farming crisis . . . more LakeTX™ will help solve Texas & Mexico water needs, citrus production Ukraine deep strike takes out Russia’s only west-facing long range anti-ballistic missile radar Perhaps Ukraine just crossed Putin’s nuclear red line U.S. House passes $95 billion bill – $60.8B for Ukraine, $26B Israel, $8.1B Taiwan – Zelenskiy thanks Dem controlled Senate dismisses DHS’s Mayorkas impeachment as to avoid Dem disaster (op) UT west campus amenity & room rate details 2024 – TBSAF™ Biden restricts new oil & gas from 13 million reserve acres in Alaska Thousands protest against ‘foreign agents’ bill in Georgia Canary Islands protests against over-tourism

Disentangling representations of retinal images with generative models -MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Implications of generative AI for news media – JOURNALISM & ENGINEERING – CS – AI Categorical Foundations of Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Microsoft New Microsoft AI turns still photo into talking, singing person that *will* fool you IEEE: 15 graphs of AI’s status SUNz™ all in on solving home prices & owner satisfaction Massive pension funds move from stocks to bonds (w 7m audio) – AOF™ SAMSUNG SPENDING $45 BILLION IN AUSTIN AREA ON (AI) CHIP PRODUCTION 1:00 (Intel spending $100 billion on chip facilities, much in Ohio) Samsung execs shift to 6 days a week – smart operators Cognitive work defers later dementia – A4DP™ Apple insiders sell shares – AOF™

Sources: UCSD, iStock, Stanford 3AI™ & BJYLabs online at UCSD, MIT, Stanford UT Austin passes $1 billion of research expenditures UT Austin selected for NSF advanced AI supercomputers for AI researchers and students – 3AI™ National Science Foundation AI research launch UT ‘Year of AI’ prof recruiting – McCombs School of Business, Cockrell School of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and College of Natural Sciences (140 of 150 UT fields of study – Ed.) – 3AI™

Source: Stanford Skyrocketing cost of training AI Heat pump design federally & VC funded- SUNz™

Source: Semafor U.S. economy doing very well U.S. and EU eye new sanctions on Iran after attack on Israel

Why UT Masters of Science in AI is important . . . more Retrieval-augmented generation for AI-generated content – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Digital watermarks are not ready for large language models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Early AI Detection and Localization of Tumor -MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI Tim Dunn, a Texian to know – 3AI™ . . . more Introduction to visual-language model – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Large scale generative AI text applied to sports and music – THE ARTS – ATHLETICS – AI Conversational brain-artificial intelligence interface – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI AI jobs: AI Nurse, Precision Farming, Restorations, Virtual Tourism & Booking, more – BJYLabs™ Ultra-realistic voice is here – think about it – ENGINEERING – AI VCs funded $34.8 billion for space & defense in 2023 up from 2017’s $7.7 billion – 3AI™ DAI™ Ultra-realistic voice is here – think about it – ENGINEERING – AI Bringing generative AI to adaptive learning in education – EDUCATION – AI Generative AI for genetics and bioinformatics research – GENETICS & MEDICINE – AI America’s all-in AI AGI bet on our Magnificent 7 – 3AI™ AOF™ LangChain for LLM application development Interaction of creative writers with AI-powered writing tools – THE ARTS – AI Generative AI for low-resource & bespoke design challenges – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Root cause of Alzheimer’s may be fat buildup in brain cells – A4DP™ Keto diet slows early Alzheimer’s – A4DP™ Alzheimer’s biomarkers show promise for early diagnosis – A4DP™ Why home clutter is dangerous, causes confusion and even depression Federal Warning: your Social Security funds at theft risk Dementia and neurological conditions pass heart disease as #1 killer – A4DP™ Slow speech, not so much finding words, a sign of early dementia – A4DP™ Zebrafish discovery could speed testing of motor neuron disease and dementia treatments – A4DP™ Healthy diet is linked with a slower pace of aging, reduced dementia risk – A4DP™ Too little sleep raises risk of type 2 diabetes Evidence exercise prevents depression 4:12 – A4DP™ Study: playing with your dog – better mood, mental sharpness, healthful – A4DP™ Neurological conditions now leading cause of ill health and disability globally – A4DP™ Risvodetinib slows Parkinson’s progression^ – A4DP™ NIH: CKD 4, 5 progression not made worse by acetaminophen or aspirin Molecular alterations in brain tissue and blood of people who committed suicide Shedding new light on brain calcification – A4DP™ Ultra-processed foods & abnormal brain health – A4DP™ Source: MD Anderson WHOLE PLANT FOODS FOR HEALTH & WELLNESS . . . WPFs reduce cancer risk . . . WPFs protect kidneys^ . . . WPFs reduce heart disease . . . Mayo: WPFs and whole grains, protein . . . Cleveland Clinic on WPFs Earlier diagnosis and potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™

Source: AFP Israel vowed to retaliate against Iran for missile attacks Oil remains at $90 despite geopolitical 3 war risk Gallup: Get your sleep! – many are not Retirement – It’s not your total assets, it’s how much you save and add to savings

Source: Boston Dynamic Boston Dynamics unveils a new robot – you’ll like the video

SUNz™ As said, higher for longer (w 8m audio) – AOF™ Tesla lays off 10% of world workforce, 15k+ . . . more 20 questions your boss can’t legally ask you – BJYLabs™

Iran’s attack on Israel sparks global fear of major war Iran attacks Israel

Source: Western Digital SD cards to hit 4TB (4,000 GB) soon GenAI wars heat up last weeks, new releases

Source: Justin Sullivan California condos selling for half 2019 prices Arab-Israel axis against Iran is now reality Germany to deliver another Patriot system to Ukraine

Source: Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics retires its remarkable Atlas robot

Source: Reuters Israel on edge and Iranian retaliation after embassy strike The unstoppable rise of India^ Ukraine’s siege of Crimea has begun 46:46 (see 7:10 & 42:30 in particular – Ed.) America is out of chip workers –™ OJ dies of cancer at 76 Houston does 180, bike lanes & safety replaced by more vehicle capacity

Source: Meta WhatsApp is adding filters to easily find messages – SnApp™ Redfin: 40% of today’s renters may never own a home – SUNz™ The value of Tesla’s AI robotaxis (b 50 cents) Austin’s 11 billionaires, with Bud Brigham Houston’s 15 billionaires in 2024, some surprises – 3AI™ BJY™

Source: a16z AI prosperity: Creativity & Productivity, Health Wellness & Personal Growth, Companionship & Social Lower rates alone won’t fix housing, it also takes trades & crafts, far more efficient

design & construction – SUNz™ BJYCommunities . . . how – construction efficiency . . . a few low cost home types Five Strategies to Enhance Take-Over Quality in Automated Driving – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – Automony Prompt to create interactive VR scenes – ENGINEERING – CS – AI AI for deep fake speech recognition – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Enhancing programming error messages in real-time with generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI An empirical assessment of four AI-based code assistants – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Prompt influence on automated method generation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI UT Moody College: So you think AI’s not transforming America? – 3AI™ The world’s most influential opinions on AI AI threatens to overtake college degrees – 3AI™ DHS hiring 50 AI experts – GOVERNMENT – AI IMF: AI the fourth industrial revolution – ECONOMICS – AI Feds: AI and algorithms cannot be used to deny Medicare Advantage care – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI . . . the document & details FCC: AI generated robocall voices illegal – COMMUNICATIONS – AI Effects of iterative prompting on truthfulness – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Potentialities and limitations of agent-based simulations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Generative AIparadox on evaluation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Google AI is now Gemini, Bard and Duet gone – 3AI™ Sign up for Google Labs AI, and 5 AI uses – 3AI™ Google rebranding Bard AI into Gemini Multi-line AI-assisted code authoring – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Systematic evaluation of visual GenAI model outputs – ENGINEERING – CS – AI “Harm” amplification in text- to-image models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

200 World top billionaires – DAI™

Middle-age obesity may be caused by changes in the shapes of neurons in the brain – A4DP™ Gene involved in neuronal vulnerability in Alzheimer’s disease – A4DP™ …More Dengue fever ravages Brazil, world should take notice Anti-amyloid medications helps early stage Alzheimer’s – A4DP™

Source: EPA Vietnam tycoon sentenced to death in $12bn fraud case Belgium probes Russian interference in EU elections

Source: Meta Meta AI introduces conversational chatbot on Instagram – SnApp™ Adobe Premiere Pro gets new generative AI

Source: AFP South China Sea – next flashpoint unless China & U.S. reasonable MEDIA PORTRAYS AMERICA AS DIVIDED TO SELL ADS AND CAPTURE EYEBALLS, IT’S THEIR BUSINESS – FACTS ARE DIFFERENT U.S. sends Ukraine seized Iranian-made weapons Canada found China interfered in last two elections

Source: InsideEVs Tesla has fixed severe crashing demand once before – ENGINEERING – AI . . . Elon’s plan is true self- driving robotaxis by August 2024 – ENGINEERING – AI . . . more (w Xm audio) . . . Google’s Waymo may win . . . safer than human drivers, 10X is the goal GOOD SLEEP DELAYS ALZHEIMER’S – BILL GAVE $100 MILLION – A4DP™ Europe returns to gas, VW EV sales plunge Larry Summers: Fed’s next may be rate hike – AOF™ (MW $1) Claude3 may change your mind about AGI . . . more TikTok decides to launch app to rival Instagram – SnApp™ Google launching paid version of Chrome

Source: Cell Reports Mutations in hereditary Alzheimer’s disease damage neurons without ‘usual suspect’ amyloid plaques – A4DP™ New way to detect brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s risk – A4DP™ Obesity associated with poorer mental health, especially in women New finding: lysergide d- tartrate single dose resolves 48% of anxiety disorder patients for 12 weeks, reduces depression – more than double today’s therapies – 4ADP™ Viagra may be an Alzheimer’s treatment – A4DP™ AI finds key signs that predict patient survival across dementia types – A4DP™ Blood mutations increase risk for acute kidney injury^ Social determinants of health & increased Alzheimer’s risk – A4DP™ DBS “discovered” to resolve Parkinson’s, Tourettes and OCD – A4DP™

Source: AFP Biden’s push: Implementing student loan forgiveness ahead of November elections

Source: City of San Diego San Diego’s coming Ocean Beach pier Gold climbs to $2,350 Elon says Tesla to unveil robotaxi Aug 8, 2024

Source: CFP More than one billion now afflicted by obesity: Lancet Understanding dementia’s lucid episodes – A4DP™ Language barriers could contribute to higher aggression in people with dementia – A4DP™ Poor spatial navigation precedes early Alzheimer’s, VR detected – A4DP™

Source: James Ferguson Japan strengthens U.S. Ties in response to a rising China Elon and Brazil are beefing over X

Source: Visual Graphics NVIDIA’s GPU uses & trend

CDC: new Seniors vax recommendation Long Covid blood markers and therapies CSF biomarker divergence for Alzheimer disease – A4DP™ Link between adversity and psychiatric, cognitive decline – A4DP™ BPA exposure linked to gut microbiota, childhood obesity Ketamine for depression, loneliness – A4DP™ Albert Einstein School of Medicine tuition drops from $60k to zero (w 4m audio) . . . $1 billion donation New clues of silent changes to the Alzheimer’s brain – A4DP™ Amirillo sky orange, Texas wildfire 1.1 million acres, 3% contained Friday pm Male’s Y chromosome declined from 900 to 55 genes while X remains 900 – are men toast? Weed increases risk of heart attack, stroke Avid appetite in childhood linked to later eating disorders

This AI search engine better than Google ‘Nightshade’ tool poisons AI artwork & images – ARTS & JOURNALISM – AI AI voice generator: realistic text-speech & voice cloning – BUSINESS – Management – AI Searching conceptual architecture prompts using evolution – ARCHITECTURE – AI Blueprint for logic-based approaches – ENGINEERING – CS – AI So you think AI won’t pass human intelligence soon – Google makes stunning AI reasoning progress 6:50 – 3AI™ DAI™ Source: Tom’s Generative AI leaders, Google Bard Gemini Pro upgrade matches ChatGPT Pro CognitiveOS AI helps robots execute complex plans more transparently – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Learning towards conversational AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI An innovative library for customizable textual data preparation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Business AI adoption slowed to crawl by able or skilled employees – 3AI™ AI business adoption slowed to crawl by knowledgeable or skilled employees dearth – 3AI™ Generative AI-empowered multi- robot systems – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Design principles for generative AI applications – ENGINEERING – CS – AI GenAI and smart vision for building and construction – ARCHITECTURE /AEC – AI Generative AI, a prediction machine [reasons as we do – Ed.] – 3AI™ DAI™ GAI diagnostic reasoning matches practitioners – 3AI™ – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI Omen for undesirable Generative AI outputs — ENGINEERING – CS – AI Understanding large-scale urban landscapes – ARCHITECTURE – AI AI assessment scale for ethical GenAI assessment – EDUCATION – AI

Source: Ehang holdings China’s EHang wins first production certificate for eVTOL air taxi Persistence & Storytelling, the two keys to success – BJYLabs Apps & smartphones are more important than web sites Google’s doing its own AI chips (w __m audio) . . . and datacenter CPUs Pew: Internet history 1989 – 2014 3 letter .com domain values –™ Meta’s launch date for Llama 3 open source LLM

UT Austin sacks all DEI staff – it’s Texas law . . . UT president Hartzell displeased with illegal attempts Forbes annual world billionaires list . . . 15 from Houston Scotland’s contentious new hate crime law may impact free speech .COLUMNS™ SOURCES [aa] - AIPRM [aa] - Be My Eyes [aa] - Bing AI [aa] - Bullet Points: summarize Web pages with ChatGPT [aa] - CHATGPT FOR GOOGLE [aa] - ChatSonic [aa] - Claude [aa] - CRAIYON [aa] - DALL·E [aa] - DREAM [aa] - Dream Studio [aa] - Full Picture: Research, Analyze With ChatGPT [aa] - [aa] - Ghostwrite [aa] - Google Bard [aa] - HUGGINGFACE [aa] - Magical [aa] - Midjourney [aa] - Promptheus - Converse with ChatGPT [aa] - STABLEDIFFUSION [aa] - vscode [aa] – [aa]- Merlin

Source: Costco Costco $4,500 ADU, SUNz™ installed I’d bet on Elon’s self-driving – he’s all-in and Tesla is ready – Google’s Waymo already L4 will win also – (op – Ed.) (w 14m audio) The straight path to a six figure job, prosperity and health – SUNz™ Trades & Crafts . . . work, learn, understand, then build your business – BJYLabs™ (w 11m audio) . . . $25,000 “Model 2” may have first become Tesla’s robotaxi


. . . latest 6:00 am Friday UT: orgasm rewires brain for lifetime bond Divided, toxic and outraged U.S. culture is social media algorithm and manipulative news driven (op) . . . more Social media and messaging without toxic algorithms – SnApp™ & NaDa™ DMP, Apple’s iMessage & iCloud email , Step 1




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