Columns Monthly - August 2023

Credible, Current Summary Of Ukraine War 29:02 6 Figure AI Prompt Engineering Quick, Easy, Frew AI Prompt Engineering Course – One Of Many Tree Of Thoughts Prompt Engineering Better Midjourney Prompts – Text To Image

IRS After 1,600 Specific Millionaires Tesla’s Decision To Build A $25k Car How Elon Switched From Rules-Based Self-Driving To Trained AI (We Thought It Was Always AI) Tesla’s $25k Car Is A Robotaxi

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Source: Toshiba Toshiba PV For SUNz™ PV Tensile Structures In 2026

Source: The Woodlands The Woodlands, TX – World’s Largest, Perhaps Best, LEED Master Planned Community – A George P. Mitchell Project – BJY Engineering Master Planning & Water Consulting – G. Wheeler Intern 1970s – The From-Scratch Beginning

Source: Houston Metropolitan Research Center The Woodlands Mid-1970s – THE From-Scratch Beginning

Source: Lawson /Ars Technica ChatGPT, BingAI, Llama, PaLM2 Large Language Models – How They Work With No Jargon – A Long Read But Plain English

Source: St. Edwards University St. Edwards University 1999 A BJY™ G. Wheeler Project Campus Master Plan (2) – A BJY™ Project (3)

Source: Visual Capitalist

Economic Power 2050


Source: Nikkie Asia Meta: China Behind ‘Largest Ever’ Digital Propaganda Operation





France Halts iPhone 12 Sales Due to Radiation

a16z: Understanding AI By Easy Steps – The AI Canon

New Molecule Reduces Plaque & Cavities 90%

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

Psilocybins Reduce Anxiety, In Fact – 3P™

John Hopkins: Medical AI Detects Sepsis Sooner – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Adversarial Protection Against Unruly AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Verge X’s New Terms Of Service: Tweets Are Now Posts

Generative AI For Customer Profiling In Social Media Marketing – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI

Tiktok’s Shop (Like Amazon) Raises Concerns Over Authenticity & Privacy

Source: AP If You’re An Endurance Athlete, Or Have AFib, Consider This AFib Cause 6:26 – 3P™

Business Process Management In The Age Of Generative AI – BUSINESS – Management – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist Why Timing The Market Rarely Works (Why Regular Investing Does Work – AOF™)

WSJ: Wind Industry in Crisis, Employes 1.37 Million (w audio) – LakeTX™ & SUNz™ Colocation

Making Pre-Trained Language Models Better Zero-Shot Learners By Clustering Representations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

John Hopkins: Medical AI Detects Sepsis Sooner

Square & CashApp Sites Down (CASHw™ Is Always Up)

G20 Laments War In Ukraine But Avoids Blaming Russia !

Less Than 10,000 Miles A Year – Per Mile Insurance May Save Money

IBM Advances Watsonx AI & Data Platform – ENGINEERING CS – AI

Russia Snubs U.N. Proposal To Rejoin Black Sea Grain Deal

Suburb Rents Rising Fastest – SUNz™ 61

Artificial Intelligence Integration In City Development – ARCHITECTURE & URBAN PLANNING – AI

ChatGPT Likely To Complement Jobs, Not Destroy Them – 3AI™

Generative AI in Medical Imaging Benefits & Application -MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

Google Chrome Gets A Complete Redesign

Source: PD-NASA

Shorter White Blood Cell Telomeres Linked To Higher Dementia Risk – 3P™

Generative AI for Business Success – BUSINESS – Marketing & Support – AI – DAI™

New Window On Leading Genetic Cause Of Alzheimer’s – 3P™

ChatGPT Likely To Complement Jobs, Not Destroy Them – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI

Brain Activity To Decipher Chronic Indigestion (Likely By AI)

Source: IBM IBM Advances Watsonx AI & Data Platform

Source: Scott Applewhite 14 Presidential Libraries Warn About Democracy, And Media Truth

LinkedIn Is Now Cool, Socials Not

Homeowners May Prefer Leasing EVs, Solar, Heat Pumps – SUNz™, FICC

MIT: How Little We Know About How AI Language Models (“GAI”) Works

NEJM: Corporate Practice Of Medicine By Law – In Fact It’s Everywhere – Why Cost & Patient Disgust So High

Federal 30% Solar Tax Credits Reduce Dec 31, 2023

It Takes Work & Planning To Retire In Place

John Hopkins: Medical AI Detects Sepsis Sooner

Source: Visual Capitalist Where College Students See Higher Pay And Rewarding Careers – Note AI, Healthcare, Engineering

Sharp All-Black Solar Panels

Notes On Financing A Leasing Business

Source: Texas A&M University Texas A&M Institute Of Biosciences Facilities, Houston – A BJY / G. Wheeler Project, Engineer Of Record, Architect of Record

TikTok Begins Moving European Data To Dublin Center – SnApp™

MIT: How Little We Know About How AI Language Models (“GAI”) Works

Facebook Is Getting Rid Of The News Tab In Europe

AI Brain Wave To Speech 100% Accuracy – NEUROSCIENCE & ENGINEERING CS – AI

Generative AI Meets 3D – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Entrepreneurship In The Age Of Generative AI – BUSINESS – Management – AI

Source: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions Marmosets – A Model System For The Study Of Alzheimer’s Disease – 3P™

Understanding Place Identity With Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

. . . Coming

Step By Step How An AI ChatBot Wrote Essays For Harvard, Princeton & Dartmouth

Link Between Cholesterol And Diabetic Retinopathy

Step By Step How An AI ChatBot Wrote Essays For Harvard, Princeton & Dartmouth – BUSINESS – AI

Public Good Announcement: Deadly Covid Returns This Winter In N. Hemisphere

. . . More (w audio)

Academic Integrity And Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist AirBnB & STR Net Income A Question – Buying, Renting – 61 & SUNz™

. . . Schools Bring Back Masks

Multilingual Evaluation of Generative AI (MEGA) – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Medina Lake, TX Has Evaporated

Why Apple Just Rushed Their iPhone, iPad and Mac Patch

Accelerating Material Design With The Generative Toolkit For Scientific Discovery – CHEMISTRY & SCIENCE – CS – AI Utilization of ChatGPT in Reshaping Future Medical Education – EDUCATION, MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI

Hurricane Lee’s Track Becomes Uncertain

Source: Lenovo Lenovo’s 27-inch, 4K Monitor – 3D No Glasses

ChatGPT’s Answers To Software Engineering Questions Were 52% Incorrect – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Warren And Elon’s Common Business Views^

ChatGPT In Agriculture: According To ChatGPT – AGRICULTURE – AI – USDA – BJYFederal™

Large Language Models In Chemical Engineering – EDUCATION & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING – AI

Improving ChatGPT With Visual Foundation Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Electrek Highway Side Solar Is A No-Brainer – SUNz™ TXDoT

Google Sheets AI Plugin – FINANCE & BUSINESS – AI – 3AI™ DAI™ - Use It Right Now (2) - Works with Docs, GPT-3.5, GPT-3.5-16k*, GPT- 4*, Claude 1* & 2* and more (3)

New Tesla Model 3 – A Great Town & 250mi Trip Sedan, Solar Fuel, Sleeps, But When L5 & V2H (2)

. . . A Model 3 Depreciation Last 4 Years – Apple Apps In 10 Minutes, Drag & Drop 500 Features

B12 AI Websites – Your Website In Minutes

Source: Buell, G. Wheeler QB Joe Borrow’s $257 Million Highest Pay In NFL History – And Jackson Young

ChatGPT In The Military – GOVERNMENT & ENGINEERING – CS – AI – BJYFederal, Swift™, PATHFINDER™, BJYLabs™, 3AI™

Source: AccuWeather Hurricane Lee Now Cat 5 (2)

ChatGPT In Clinical Practice – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI – 3P™

Source: Reuters Europe’s Carmakers A Generation Behind China’s Cheap EV Edge

ChatGPT In Higher Education Institutions – EDUCATION – AI – 3AI™

OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Enterprise – DAI™

Huawei Cloud Launches Riyadh Region – Major Meaning

Source: Vyacheslav Astafiev Cuba Arrests 17 For Luring Young Men To Fight For Russia

Google Duet AI Will Refactor Code – ReStart – SnApp™- ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Whitehourne New Type Of Brain Cell Discovered - May Help Parkinson’s Tx - 3P™ (2)

Reuters Daily Audio Podcast For Apple Users

Deep Generative Models On Cognitive Tasks – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

New York Times Front Page

Glymphatic Spread & Parkinson’s – 3P™

Wall Street Journal Front Page


Poor Metabolic Health Could Increase Risk Of Developing Dementia – 3P™

It’s Intel’s “Swift” vs. Swift™

Automated Online Disinformation At Huge Scale, Elections, And A Fix

Who Will Own AI Datasets, What Will Be Copywrite – LAW & ENGINEERING – CS – AI

New Genetic Traits Influencing Alzheimer’s Risk – 3P™

Internet .ai Domains Explode, Goldmine For Anguillas

Understanding Generative Artificial Intelligence And Its Relationship To Copyright – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

New Gene Mutation That Alters Alzheimer’s Disease Risk – 3P™

Paid Version Of Facebook & Instagram For EU

Benzodiazepine-Induced Neurological Dysfunction (BIND) – It’s Serious – 3P™

Columns™ 2 Years Ago, And Today NYTimes: Schools Should Embrace AI (w audio)

Microsoft Is Killing Off WordPad In Windows

RFKJr On The Miracle Of Getting Sober 3:22 – 3P™

WhatsApp To Receive A Major Interface Redesign – SnApp™

. . . MIT: Generative AI Helps Not Hurts Education

Source: Visual Capitalist What Net Worth Makes You ‘Rich’

So You Think You Know What Cannabis Use Disorder Is – 3P™

Elon & Tesla’s 2023 Sustainable Energy Master Plan – Global & U.S. – 41 Pages, Graphics

Until Proven Don’t Trust Your Doctor’s AI Diagnoses

Iron Buildup Triggers Cell Death In Alzheimer’s & Vascular Dementia – 3P™ (2)

Social Media Is Dying – iMessages, Google Chat, Group Chats & Closed Communities Win – SnApp™

MIT: Generative AI Helps Not Hurts Education – EDUCATION – AI


How To API Train ChatGPT On Your Documents – DAI™

7 End To End Encryption Messaging Apps Compared (Never Use WhatsApp) 19:54

AI-Generated Images With Metadata From Twitter – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

. . . Session Is A Best Choice – – SnApp™

Consuming Contextual Data With Model Plugins – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Elon Takes Twitter – The Real Story (w audio) – SnApp™

AI-Ability Of How Humans Balance Self-Interest With The Interest Of Others – COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE – AI

Google Sheets AI Plugin – 3AI™ DAI™ - Use It Right Now (2) - Works with Docs, GPT-3.5, GPT-3.5-16k*, GPT- 4*, Claude 1* & 2* and more (3)

Auditing Sustainability Reports Using AI Foundation Models – GOVERNMENT & BUSINESS – AI

Source: Annals of xxxc . . . More – New Cause Of Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia – 3P™

– 27 Mostly Non-AI Google Sheets Add-Ons

Embracing YouTube AI Language Learning – EDUCATION – AI

ADHD: A Risk Factor For Serious Mental Health Issues – 3P™

AppyPie & 200 Templates – Apple Apps By AI In Minutes, NoCode™ BJYLabs™

Leveraging Generative AI To Prioritize Drug Repurposing – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

New Insights Into Melanoma Development And Therapy

The Top 5 Automated App Creators

AI & A New Mode Of Mental Functioning – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI – Websites & Apps – Full Features, NoCode™

Source: Visual Capitalist Europe Must Spend 2X Russia To Win In Ukraine & Ensure For A Decade DoD’s Replicate AVs – A Huge Opportunity For U.S. Small Tech – 3AI™ Swift™ BJYFederal (2)

Entrepreneurship Education At The Dawn Of Generative Artificial Intelligence – EDUCATION – AI – Apple Apps In 10 Minutes, Drag & Drop 500 Features

B12 AI Websites – Your Website In Minutes

Lidar On A Chip Coming For L4 L5 Autonomous Driving – InLineAI™

10 Mostly Non-AI NoCode™ Website Builders Sept 2023 – BJYLabs™

USDA + $500 Million For Local News – Estes Park – RMNP, College Station, Austin, The Woodlands – Columns™

AI Eye Scans Predict Parkinson’s 7 Years Prior – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: WSJ Despair, Drugs, Dementia (aka Homeless) Spreads To Montana & More (w audio) – 3P™

List Of NoCode™ Platforms

RatGPT: Turning Online LLMs Into Proxies For Malware Attacks – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Prosecutors: Hunter Biden Won’t Escape Prison

Directual AI NoCode™ Website Builder Sept 2023

American Ingenuity vs China’s – The Horserace – Swift™ – SpeedO™

. . . A Moscow Company

PLUGIN: A Simple Algorithm For Inverting Generative Models With Recovery Guarantees – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Crunchbase – Research Your AI and NoCode™ Tools

Elon Stopped A Ukraine Attack On Crimea

“Democratizing” Music Production With AI- DESIGNG, ENGINEERING & ART – AI

OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Enterprise – DAI™

ChatGPT’s Ability To Assess Quality & Readability Of Online Medical Information – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

Source: George Frey/Reuters (no link) GLP-1 drugs. Novo Nordisk makes both Ozempic, for Type 2 diabetes, and Wegovy, for weight loss. They mimic a glucagon-like peptide that regulates appetite in the brain, leaving people feeling sated for hours.

Appy Pie (AI) Codes & Publishes Your iOs Or Android App – SPF609, BJYLabs™

Source: Bloomberg “Experts” Wrong About A Weak Dollar – Believe Raw Data Not Wall St – AOF™

Hollywood Stars Inking Deals For Their AI Doubles

Source: Morning Brew What The Numbers Mean – AOF™

. . . And Hiring Out Cloned Faces

Drawing On Home Equity Is Just Too Expensive Now

Ransomware Attacks & Generative Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI


Generative Artificial Intelligence For Language Education Research – EDUCATION – AI

A Complete Survey Of Generative AI (AIGC) – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: NEJM

This Lives In About 1 Billion Human Beings – It’s Long

Impacts On Artists, Creators And Related “Gaps” In Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING & ART – AI

Mesdopetam Reduces Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s – 3P™

Science Communication In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence – EDUCATION – AI

ND016 Beats Levodopa Curbing Motor Symptoms – 3P™

AI And ML In Clinical Research And Health Care – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

Kidney Disease With An Integrated Organoid Omics Map

Education In The Face Of Advances In Generative Artificial Intelligence – EDUCATION – AI

Source: Independent ‘Hiding Poverty’ Ahead Of India G20 Summit

Food Supplementation With Coconut Oil Can Cause Obesity

Governing General Purpose AI – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI

India In Talks With U.S., Saudi Arabia On Rail, Ports

Bacteria Treatment May Reduce Insulin Resistance, Protect Against Diabetes

Kurzweil’s Latest AI Predictions & Timeline 8:00 – 3AI™ DAI™

Yuval Noah On AI, Humanity & Inorganic Life 41:21

Power Of ChatGPT In Computational Biology – BIOLOGY & EDUCATION – AI

Generative AI Technologies For Construction Industry Applications – ARCHITECTURE /AEC – AI

Source: Boxabl How To Order A $50k Boxable Home – Site Work, Install & Utilities – SUNz™

Source: Texas Drought, Wildfire Risk, Large Wildfire Evacuation Underway – LakeTX™

ChatGPT And Large Language Models In Academia – EDUCATION – AI

Source: NATALIE CAUDILL Texas 20 Trillion eVolt Superconducting Supercollider & 53 Mile Underground Loop $10B In 1992 ($13.8B ‘23 USD) – A G. Wheeler – BJY™ Project (2)

The Irish Towns That Voluntarily Banned Screens For Kids – And The Outcome

Enhancing Trust In LLM-Based AI Automation Agents – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

New Yorkers Told To Mask Up – “Times Changed”

215mph Cat6 Hurricane Test – A SUNz™ ADU Option

Phil Graham Of Y Combinator: AI Is Being Monumentally Underestimated

All GM EVs Getting V2H Vehicle To Home Emergency Power

Again, Yes $900k Jobs Are Available - USAjobs.Org™ (2)

Google Duet AI Will Refactor Code – ReStart – SnApp™

The Microsoft – OpenAI Honeymoon Is Ending (w audio)

For $30/mo Google AI In Gmail (2)

Google Working On Gemini: The Next-generation AI Foundation

Source: Radiological Society of North America Radiologists Must Monitor Novel Alzheimer’s Treatment Side Effects – 3P™

Bing Chat Comes To Chrome

Model-Driven Prompt Engineering – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Benchmarking LLM Powered Chatbots – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

New Alzheimer’s Drug Lecanemab Works – 3P™

Generative AI Trial For Nonviolent Communication Mediation – SOCIAL SCIENCES & ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Genetic Factor Fends Off Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s – 3P™

Natural Immunity 13X To 27X More Effective Than Vaccination – Kassie Was Right 16:32

Source: Petasense BJY™ Chief Building Official 1999-2018 For 9 Major California Clean Natural Gas & Hydrogen Fired Power Plants Including Donald Von Raesfeld Power Plant In San Jose – G. Wheeler Projects

Toward A Generative AI-Augmented Design Era – DESIGN & ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist China’s Boom Changed The World – Now, A Slump

Education In The Era Of Generative Artificial Intelligence – EDUCATION – AI

. . . Combined Cycle Technology

Microsoft: Bing Chat Outperforms GPT-4 But It’s Pricey

. . . Internet Predictive Maintenance

Private And Lightweight Retrieval-Centric Generative AI Tool – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Generative AI In Computing Education – EDUCATION – AI

Prompt Engineering Guidelines For LLms In Requirements Engineering – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Lancet Multiple Sclerosis Drug Can Be Used As Alzheimer’s Therapy – 3P™

Source: Automotive News Carmaker BYD Buys Jabil’s PCB /Mobility Business In China For $2.2 B

Ozempic & Wegovy Weight Loss Drugs Pump Danish Economy (nyt$1, w audio)

How WestWood Lands™ & Tuto™ Develop – BJYCommunities™

Source: The Week Thinking Out Of The Box For A New Home

New Blood Test Gives High Accuracy Screen For Alzheimer’s Disease – 3P™

How To API Train ChatGPT On Your Documents

Regional Banks (And Credit Unions) Have Problems

How Lung Cells Induce Immune Response To Influenza

Austin Approving 3 Homes Per SF-1 Lot, Lot Size Decrease From 5,750 To 2,500 sf – SUNz™ BJYFederal (2)

Eliquis, Jardiance, Xarelto & 7 Other Drugs – Reduced Medicare Prices

Source: Visual Capitalist All But One Of World’s Largest Businesses Racing Flat Out For AGI Machine Super- Intelligence – DAI™ 3AI™

How To Unretire & Be Truly Happy

Source: Energy Innovation Leasing An EV Is Least Expensive – And Self- Driving’s Coming Sometime

HUBZone Business Advantages

How AI Elvis Sings “Baby Got Back”

Recession Probability 15%

Google Keep Gets Formatting, History

🎶 AI Elvis Sings “Baby Got Back” 🎶

How To Get Approved For A Federal Small Business Grant – SPF609, SUNz™

Meta’s Llama2 FOR 10X Coders

“Hey Google” Going AI

GitHub Copilot Chat FOR 10X Coders

Cheap Flights Of Fall Are Here

AI Is Building Effective Antibodies – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Gulf Coast To College Station Temps Highest Ever Recorded – SUNz™ BJYme™

Red States Coming For Their Blue Cities

Productivity Effects Of Generative Artificial Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Kamala Harris: “Ready To Take Over” The Presidency

Implications Of ChatGPT For Management Educators – EDUCATION & BUSINESS – Management – AI

Wind Turbine Industry Will Take Years To Fix (2) (3)

Impact Of Generative AI On Cybersecurity And Privacy – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Zinc8 Claim: Zinc-Air Battery Surpasses Lithium – A Major Breakthrough?

Claim: Biden’s CHIP Act vs China Huge Success

Source: Idalia Makes Landfall, On To Georgia Catastrophic Surges (2)

Generative Adversarial Network Models To Create Furniture Layouts – ARCHITECTURE – AI

Xpeng To Buy DiDi’s Electric Car Business

Big Tech Gears Up For AI Transformation, Huge Investments, Race For AGI – DAI™ BJYLabs™

World’s Largest EV Battery Mfg Matches Gas – Fill Ups 10 Minutes, For 240 Miles


How Stock Is Sold Online In 2023^

Big Tech Salaries – Some Aren’t Technical

3 Things To Know About Mayo & Google’s Healthcare AI, More Cures, And Better Dx – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: Reuters UK To Declare Russia’s Wagner Terrorists

Navigating Austin & Other Open Records

Entrepreneurship Education At The Dawn Of Generative Artificial Intelligence – BJYLabs™

Iran And Saudi Arabia Formally End Diplomatic Split

GAI Text String Attacks Defeat Guardrails, May Be Unstoppable – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Meta Shuts Messenger Lite & SMS^

ChatGPT Excels At Medical Differential Analysis – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI

YouTube Experiment: Search Songs By Humming

OpenAI Releases GPTBot Web Crawler

Task Planning & Tool Usage In Large Language Model – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Yahoo U.S.: Leave Haiti Immediately

Data Forensics In Diffusion Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Air Pollution Worse Than Tobacco For All Causes of Death

Product Carbon Footprint Accounting With Large Language Models – ACCOUNTING – AI

Source: CNBC World’s Largest Floating Wind Farm Now Online

Private And Lightweight Retrieval-Centric Generative AI Tool – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Who’s Eligible For USDA Home Loans

AI’s Betting Odds On When AGI Passes Humans

Warren’s Berkshire Owns $1 Trillion Of Assets, 3X Apple’s, Also More Than Microsoft, Alphabet And Meta Combined – AOF™

A Newcomer’s Summary Of AI

ChatGPT Adds Huge Set Of Features & Updates

Source: Scitech Daily Again – Myelin Regeneration

OpenAI Brings Fine-Tuning To GPT

ChatGPT On Reasoning, Hallucination, And Interactivity – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

An Overview Of AFib Discovery, Treatment, Pill On Demand 59:50

Voice Assistant Integrated With ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Visual Capitalist What Part Of Home Value Increases Is Currency Devaluation? – AOF™

Exploration Of AI-Assisted Writing Tools – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

ChatGPT And Accounting – BUSINESS – Accounting – AI

Source: Microsoft Microsoft Kills Kinect – Again

One Small Step For Generative AI, One Giant Leap For AGI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

How Apple Won Over 87% Of Teens – SnApp™

Source: European Journal Of Preventive Cardiology Advanced Imaging & AFib Embolic Stroke

Rise of Generative AI And Possible Effects On The Economy – ECONOMICS – AI

Source: Mercury News China’s Biggest Homebuilder Failing, Real Estate Wealth Continues Free-Fall

Generative Art And Computational Imagination – ART & ENGINEERING – AI

AFib – Prognosis And Life Expectancy

India’s Space Accomplishments More And More Important

Arrhythmia & AFib Outcomes 80 Years And Older

Perfecting Copyrights For Generative AI – LAW – AI

JACC Review Of AFib

Yes, AI Is Far More Than Transformative (w audio)

BMJ: AFib Reduces Life 2 Years Over 10 Years

Source: Interesting Engineering Robbery Of Food Delivery Bots – A Showstopper – Sprite™

AHA: Long-Term Progression and Outcomes With Aging in Patients With Lone Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

During Writer Strike, Hollywood Hiring AI Fast – $900k BJYPrompt Engineering, USAjobs.Org

Kickstarters New AI Disclosure Policy

Big Tech On Big Tech: We’re Slowing – AOF™

NIH: Chronic Atrial Fibrillation & Mortality With Modern Treatment

Source: ABC /SYPAQ These Ukraine Corrugated Board Drones From Australia – Swift™ & StarFire™ CFTi

MIT: Art & The Science Of Generative AI – ENGINEERING & ART – AI

SUNz™ & BJYFederal™ 1,100 – 2,200 s.f. Self- Sufficient Homes, Maui Donations

Existence Of Altered Mesocortical Connectivity In Obesity

How To Regulate Large Language Models In Healthcare – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

A Comprehensive List Of ChatGPT Plugins

Here’s How AITickerChat Does Value Investing & SEC Search – AOF™

The Future Of Knowledge Management – BUSINESS – Management – AI

Ask Columns™ Plugins: . . . ChatWithPDF

The Power Of Generative AI For Social Psychology Research – PSYCHOLOGY – AI

Source: Sleep Health Link Between Sleep Duration And Development Of Type 2 Diabetes

. . . ChatWithWebsite

Surprise – Generative AI GPT3 & GPT4 Reason By Analogy, Comparable To A College Student (2)

. . . Human Assisted Content Writers

. . . Will Improve, Become More Effective Than Iran’s

More Sleep Could Reduce Impulsive Behavior In Children

USAjobs.Org Search: . . . JoPilot

Nature: GPT (LLM) Reasoning By Analogy Is Non- Trivial

4 In 10 Americans Say No Best Friend

How To Know When Your Brain Needs A Break (w audio)(nyt$1)

How India Made A Ginormous Error Playing China vs America 9:04 . . . Mexico Will Benefit (2)

. . . Indeed Job Search

LLM’s (Generative AI) Highest Use & & Best Market Is Education

New Tool To Reduce Stroke Risk

. . . 5 AI Tools For Job Search

Observations On LLMs For Telecoms – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Portugal Got It Right, U.S. Wrong – Arrested Addicts Die In Jail – 3P™

. . . Job Cover Letter, AI & Others (2) (3) (4)

Impacts of ChatGPT On Future Scientific Work – SCIENCE – AI

U.S. Expects To Improve Ties & Trade With Vietnam – SpeedO™


USDA Announces $667M In Rural Broadband Funding – BJYFederal

U.S – Taiwan Relations – A Buyer’s Market For Taiwan Goods – SpeedO™

BJYPrompt Engineering™ Parallel Test Results Of Google’s BARD vs. ChatGPT4 – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Meta To Launch Web Version Of Threads By Next Week

College – Pick Your Friends Carefully, You Become Them – Meet, Understand And Connect With Many, Including Profs

Source: David Sulzer Parkinson’s Starts In The Gut – 3P™

Imperfect To Superb AI – BJYPrompt Engineering™

Where Value Investors Have Their Money – AOF™

Neuroscientists Show Adversities Permanently Change Our Brains

The Most Expensive Zip Code In America

Wise Value Investors Still Holding Cash – AOF™

BJYPrompt Engineering™ For ChatGPT

Keystrokes Over Zoom Audio Detectable, 93% Accuracy

Why Meta’s AI Is Open Source

Axios: What & Why Are The AI Mysteries

X (Twitter) Limits “Block” Feature^

Factuality Detection In Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Cybersecurity Threat Of Generative AI – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: AFD Austin Wildfires A Real Risk

Source: CONCIERGE AUCTIONS A $38.5 Million Mansion In Beverly Hills Overlooking LA

Regulating ChatGPT And Other Large Generative AI Models – GOVERNMENT – CS – AI

Canada’s On Fire, Wildfire Largest In Recorded History – The New Norm – Must See 30:03

So You Think They’re Not $900,000 LA-La Jolla AI Jobs – Think Again – Hollywood Deathly Fears Generative AI

Weight Loss Drug Semaglutide Triggers Very Large Improvements In Heart Failure Patients

Source: IEEE Spectrum U.S. Imposes Tariffs On Chinese Solar Panel Makers – SUNz™

Implementing Generative AI Tools In Project Management – BUSINESS – Management – AI

Mask Requests & Mandates Are Back

Apple Gets 100% Of TSMC 3nm Chips For A Year – AOF™

Improvisation Of An Autoregressive Generative Model – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

All GM EVs Match F-150 Lightnings Whole House Battery V2H

Source: AP Putin And Erdogan Meet In Russia, No Grain Deal

Law Firms Must Responsibly Embrace Generative AI – Law – AI

Automakers Are Finally Embracing Lidar Sensors – SpeedO™ SAFE™

Responsible Conduct Of Scholarly Activities In AI Information Systems – EDUCATION – AI

Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov Dismissed

What Do Warren & Michael Burry Know You Don’t: A Lot – AOF™

Russia Proposed Joint Naval Drills With North Korea And China

Waymo Puts Brakes On Self-Driving Trucks – 3AI™

Treasury Yields “Higher For Longer”

Columns™ Monthly – July 2023 Flipbook

Text-To-Image AI In 3D Design Workflows – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Elon’s Tesla Owns Boxable Homes 26:33 – SUNz™ ADUs

Columns™ Monthly – June 2023 Flipbook

Generative AI For Education: Theory, Practices And Ethics – EDUCATION – AI

WhatsApp Now Allows ‘HD’ Photos

Columns™ Monthly – May 2023 Flipbook

GPT-4 Accelerates Knowledge Mining And Machine Learning For Synthetic Biology – BIOLOGY & EDUCATION – AI

Columns™ 1 in 20 Putin will use nukes (re Xi)

New Minimal Invasive Technique To Repair Retinal Detachment (2)

LLM-Empowered Production Tool For Building AI Chains – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Vestas 15 MW – World’s Most Powerful Wind Turbine

Common Plant Sterols May Reduce Natural Hearing Loss, Replacing Cholesterol

Channel 1 News Doing An AI CNN – 3AI™

Risks For Financial Firms Using Generative AI Tools – BUSINESS – Finance – AI -AOF ™

Source: Fairobserver After Putin, Now Chinese President Xi Likely To Skip G20 Summit In India

Network Analysis Improves Alzheimer’s Disease Research – 3P™

Text-To-Video Generation For Music Visualization – MUSIC & ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Hollywood Brings Back Covid Masks

Steve and Melinda Winn (Software) Donate $50 Million For UT Dripping Springs Lab

U.S. Says Homeless, Europe Says Mentally Ill Addicts And They’re 100% Correct – 14:13

Generative And ChatGpt-Like AI Meets Urban Planning – ARCHITECTURE – AI – BJYFederal BJYCommunities

1 Million Robotaxis Coming, It May Not Be Tesla

Sam Altman’s Revolution At OpenAI

Meta Announces “Open Source” Llama 2 Prompt- To-Text

SpeedO™ Alt CarryOn™

Conceptual Knowledge In AI Problem-Solving For Chemistry – CHEMISTRY & EDUCATION – AI

Source: Neuroscience News Parkinson’s Begins In The Gut, Not Brain – 3P™

Generative AI In Software Security & Formal Verification – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

AI Eye Scans Predict Parkinson’s 7 Years Prior – 3P™

Generative AI For Environmental Health Research Translation – HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

New ‘Molecular Road’ To Alzheimer’s Disease – 3P™

Source: Electrek How SpeedO™ Non CarryOn™ And R&M Bikes Are Shipped – Polyboard

General Design Principles For Generative AI Applications – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Taking Adult Education Classes Lowers Risk Of Dementia

Jimmy Buffett Passes At 76

Nobel Prize Invitation To Russia And Iran Withdrawn

Combining Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) And The Internet – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – 3AI™ DAI™

High-Fat Diets Alter Gut Bacteria, Boosting Colorectal Cancer Risk

Beware, Don’t Overpay For Your Next Home – SUNz™

Russia Readies New Nuclear ICBM

Apple Warns About Charging During Sleep

Generative AI Tools To Motivate Science On Social Media – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – SnApp™

Best Corvette Investments: ‘90 ZR-1, ‘02 Z06

Generative AI Systems And Visual Storytelling For Young Learners – EDUCATION – AI

The Microsoft – OpenAI Honeymoon Is Ending (w audio)

Generative AI In Architecture And Design – ENGINEERING – CS – AI – BJYDesign™ SUNz™

Is Comcast A VI Buy? – AOF™

AI Is China’s Apollo Project – Few Understand The Outcome For U.S. – 3AI™ DAI™

Source: AP Massive British Columbia Wildfires – A Long Road To Recovery

ChatGPT4 Accuracy Falls To Almost Useless

100s Of California Hurricane Hillary Photos & Narrative

Houston’s M.D. Anderson Coming To Austin

Google And OpenAI To Watermark Against Deep Fakes And Misinformation

Source: Visual Capitalist Billionaires, About Half Are Truly Philanthropic

Ozempic & Wegovy For Dementia, Alcohol Addiction – 3P™

Education In The Era Of Generative Artificial Intelligence – EDUCATION – AI

. . . 2023 Billionaire Totals: U.S.: 756, CA 186, NY: 135, TX 81, FL 78, DC 11 . . . Europe: 850, China: 495, India: 169

Increase Serum Citrate By Whole Plant Food + 4oz Lemon, Lime or Melon Juice Daily – KSD

New Theory Better Explains How The Brain Stores Memories – NEUROSCIENCE – AI

NIH: Renal Calculi, Understanding 24-Hour Collections, Optimal C-KSD Citrate Is 300mg/L . . . Acetazolamide Treats KSD & Glaucoma . . . Recommended To Increase Citrate: Lemon & Lime Juice, Citrus, Bananas, Melons, Apricots, Peas, Potato Skins, Tomatoes | Yogurt, Cod, Salmon, Flounder, Sardines, Tuna, Chicken . . . Minimize Intake IF Oxalate Stones (Hyperoxaluria): Romaine, Green Leafy Vegetables, Broccoli, Beans, Oatmeal, Whole Grains | Asparagus, Barley, Brown Rice,, Green Beans, Oats, Lentils, Peanuts, Wheat

Source: VinFast VinFast EV’s Market Value Passes Ford, GM

Early Code Vulnerability Detection Using AI- Powered ACVED Plugin – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Google Working On Gemini: The Next-generation AI Foundation

Analysis Of The AI-Powered Developer Lifecycle – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

You Won’t Believe It – 0 To 60 In 1.3 Seconds, World’s Quickest Car – 3 Gs

Improvements In Generative Music AI Composition – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Ford Does 180 On EVs, Rescinds 2M Run Rate Goal, “Deferrs” $50B EV Investment, Selling Factories To BYD EVs 7:23

Source: Science Photo Library Human Ancestors Nearly Went Extinct 900,000 Years Ago – The Best Survived

Yes, Generative AI Will Replace Wikipedia (op) (full read)

AI: Harari Says It Correctly, Far Better Than I – Ed. 5:29 – 3AI™

California, Not Texas, Has American Driverless Car Lead

Ukraine Breaks Thru All Layers Of Russian Main Line In Southeast (w audio)

Binge Drinking, Marijuana Use Reaches Record Highs In Middle-Aged Adults

ChatGPT Now Does Graphs, Maps, Graphics

San Franciscian Sex In Robotaxis

U.S. Military Was Waiting For The Ukraine Drone War – Swift™

Secondhand Smoke A Source Of Lead Exposure In Children

Regulatory Compliance For Generative AI For – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Ft. Worth, U.S. Fastest Growing City^

Trump: Troops To Mexico For Cartels, Mexico: No Way

Amazon Shuts Down In-House Brands To Cut Costs – A Major 180

Increased Blood Sugar Linked To Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Language-Driven Generative Architecture Design – ARCHITECTURE – AI

Interest Rates High For Years – The Few Winners, Many Losers (w 2m audio) – AOF™

Cat 4 Hurricane Hillary Closing On Cabo, Headed To San Diego (2)

First Formalized Execution Model For Auto- Regressive Language Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Journalism & Factual News – Most Don’t Understand What’s Happened 7:39

Hillary’s Life-Threatening S. CA Floods

Connected Intelligence To Collective Intelligence – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Dollar General: Consumers Shift To Food (w audio)

Living Alone Puts People With Cognitive Decline At Risk – SUNz™ , 3P™

Why Half Of America Is GOP, And Half Wants A Free Ride (op)

Source: Seroundtable Microsoft: Bing Chat Outperforms GPT-4 But It’s Pricey

Insomnia Partially Explains Link Between Psychotic‑Like Experiences – 3P™

61% Of Americans Living Paycheck To Paycheck – Write your Senator, Use Your Vote, Act

How AI Elvis Sings “Baby Got Back”

Odds Of Clinically Meaningful Weight Loss Low In Overweight Adults Absent New Meds

🎶 AI Elvis Sings “Baby Got Back” 🎶

2 Dead At Arboretum Mall Shooting, Austin

Source: Biz.crast Claud2 Summarizes Your 75,000 Words & Extracts (2)

Paris E-Scooter Ban In Effect

Why The F-150 Lightning EV Isn’t Selling (Plus Millions Of Ford Recalls – Ed.)

India, Other Countries Reject China’s New Map

JADBio AI Discovers Drugs, Predicts And Analyzes Medical, Health & Biological Outcomes – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – AI

Meta’s Social ChatBots Will Be A Huge Success (op) – AOF™

Russia And Iran Invited Back To Nobel Prize Banquet

AI Social Companions Will Be Big Business (w audio) – SnApp™

Applications Of ChatGPT In Medical Practice – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

. . . First With Non-Scalable Features – SnApp™

Harnessing The Power Of Intelligent LLM Agents – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Meta Releasing Audiocraft Text-To-Music & Audio Edits – Dogs Bark Speech Or Music

Generative AI In Software Product Management – BUSINESS – Management – AI

VC Backed Startups Failing At Huge Rate – SPF609

OpenAI Codex For HPC Parallel Programming Models Kernel Generation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

SPF609 – Pre-Seed $1.5M Pitch Deck

10 ChatGPT Plugins For PDFs

Quantum Computing In Everyday Terms – QAI™

1,000 Acre UCSD Scripps Coastal Reserve Closed 3 Years By Coastal Commission Waiting UCSD Permit Application^ The California Coastal Act [Every Coast Parcel – SUNz™] (2)

Hard Drives Hit 28 Terabytes

Source: Spencer Lowell Harvard: The First Effects Of Quantum Computers – QAI™

Microsoft Azure Cloud Appears Vulnerable (op)

Source: Visual Capitalist How Will The West & North America React To BRIC Expansion?

California Approves San Francisco Robotaxi Expansion

When Quantum Computing Goes Mainstream (2) And What & Who is Funding Today (3)- QAI™

Source: Visual Capitalist It’s Hot, Getting Hotter – SUNz™ Power & HVAC SS 20Y Heat Pumps

X (Twitter) CEO Confirms Video Calls Are Coming To The Platform

America’s Draining Its Ground Water (LakeTX™ Is A Solution, nyt$1)

When AI & Quantum Computing Merge – DAI™ QAI™

California Pays $40,000 To Make Your Garage A Room

Elon Launches xAI (2) (ft$1)

Tampa FL – Another Catastrophic Hurricane

MIT – “Liquid Neural” AI – Few Neurons, Human- Readable Logic – Swift™ AVs10:38

German Economy In Freefall (2)

Are Our Brains Quantum Computers? – NEUROSCIENCE & PHYSICS

Source: Veronica Penney /NASA Time To Move To Chile – It Has Almost Everything (But My Spanish Is Poor – Ed.) (2)

The Proposed New Rules For Contract Labor vs Employee Determination

Notion – A ChatBot For Your Documents

Wharton Prof: New $20 ChatGPT Tool Codes, Graphs In Seconds, Saves Days

Dual Use Concerns Of Generative AI and Large Language Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Integrating Generative Ai Within The Early Stages Of The Ux Design Process – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: SYPAQ Ukraine’s SYPAQ 75 Mile Cardboard Dones Have Numerical, Range & Cost Advantages - Swift2™ UAVs (2)

Source: Visual Capitalist Consider An Immigrant As A Cofounder – BJYLabs™

Source: Accuweather Hurricane Hilary Heading To California

No-Code AI Can Leverage Machine Learning Operations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

So SHE’s The Center Of The Kansas Newspaper Raids


Extreme Heat Changes Countries & Society

Concurrent Engineering And Generative Engineering Tooling Platform – ENGINEERING – CS – AI How AI Is Changing Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI Source: NYT How AI Is Changing Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Dengue Fever Hits Florida

5 Failed Social Media Sites, And 6 Surprises^

Apple Warns Users Not To Sleep Next To Their Phone

2Q23 Worst Earnings In Years – Details (w audio)

A Simple Mouth Rinse Could Spot Early Heart Disease Risk

How Auroa Got Autonomous Trucks On Texas Roads

The Race For Moon’s Water

Vaccines Associated With Reduced Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease In Adults 65 & Older – 3P™

35 ChatGPT Tips – DAI™

Source: AP Pope Francis Urges Young Russians To Look To The Tsars

$1 Trillion Of Commercial Real Estate Loans Coming Due – CRE Is Frozen (w audio)

ChatGPT Users Moving To Uncensored Chatbots

Positive Metabolic Effects Of Gastric Bypass Found To Disappear Quickly

China, Britain Take Tentative Steps To Repair Ties

ChatGPT+ Code Interpreter Is Your Data Analyst – DAI™

Surprising Maui Wildfire Facts, Perspective & Background 26:04

How Fast And How Good Will China’s GAI Become

Generative AI Tool And Its Implications For Cancer Care, MARN -MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI^

Integration Of Google Sheets And ChatGPT Plugin – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Midjourney OpenAI Releases GPTBot Web Crawler

Groundwork For A GAI Grammarly For UI/UX Design – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing For Video Calls – SnApp™

Source: Houston Chronicle /ERCOT Texas Rolling Blackout Outages 2023-08-28 at 10.04.18 AM

Source: Insider Bed Bugs In 7 Major Las Vegas Strip Resorts

Cultivated Practices Of Text-To-Image Generation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Southwest To Base 500 Pilots In Nashville

Evaluation Of ChatGPT, Bing AI, and Bard In News Fact-Checking – JOURNALISM & ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Metabolites Associated With Parkinson’s – 3P™

Security Risks Of ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

New Early Alzheimer’s Treatment Shows Cognition Improvement – 3P™

Effects Of ChatGPT On Modern Education – EDUCATION – AI

Blood-Based Biomarkers For Alzheimer’s Disease – 3P™

Source: KATIE THOMPSON Flying Taxis Near, And Here Soon

Multi-Step Jailbreaking Privacy Attacks On ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Brain Recordings Capture Musicality Of Speech

. . . More 8:18

This Is Lahaina, Maui – No Fire Hydrant Water, No Warning Klaxons (2) Death Toll 96, With 1,500 Missing Who May Have Died In Maui Wildfire, U.S. Most Deadly In 100 Years (2)

It’s Time For AR/AI-Assisted Car Repair – Honest, Prompt^

AAPL & iPhones Continue Down, Glasses Development & Car Fail Timelines & Milestones

Save 2 Statements, The Most Ignorant “AI/AGI Danger” Article (op) (nyt$1)

Source: Visual Capitalist 15 Good Reasons Not To Live In India

How Men Use AI For Dates

Ozempic Shows Weight Loss Is More Biology Less Willpower

ChatGPT For Dental Medicine – MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

SUNz™ Homes For Teachers (w audio)

Wegovy (Semaglutide) The Weight Loss Med That Really Works, Novo Nordisk Stock Soars

Finally America’s Division Is Understood – Tribalism & Survival – Ed.

Improving ChatGPT Prompting For Code Generation – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

NOAA: Heavy Hurricane Season Expected

2 Things Sinking America – Division And Loss Of Work Ethic

Pushing The Limits Of ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: USCLusk How To Finance Your ADU Or Tiny Home – SUNz™

Don’t Get Your Covid Booster Yet

Another Real Estate Giant Goes Down In China – Is Hong Kong Next? – AOF™ News

Privacy And Data Protection In ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Design The Perfect ADU – SUNz™

Brains With Alzheimer’s Disease Have Subnormal Levels Of Important Dietary Antioxidants – 3P™

Commercial Real Estate Is Highly Stressed – Defer Debt Creation

Every Startup Now Is AI – Don’t Do It

AI Has Already Fully Changed Programing & Coding Jobs (w audio)

Clearly, Obesity Plays Key Role In Children’s Sleep Apnea

Phones Are eBike Keys & Controls – SpeedO™

. . . But Federally Funded University Facility Projects Unaffected (2)

How AI Will Rock Accounting And Finance (w audio)

Individual Brain Changes Linked To Different Mental Illnesses

Zuck’s Threads Competes With Search

Risk Assessment In Shaping The Future Of Chatbot Technology – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

NIH: Hearing Aids Slow Cognitive Decline In Those At Risk

Reverse Racism Lawsuits Get Traction

Vanguard & MorningStar Contrarian: Value Stocks Are A Real Buy vs “Growth” Stocks, BRK Included | And A Market Update – AOF™

ChatGPT: Key Challenges, Bias, Ethics, Limitations & Future Scope – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Elon: India-Origin CEOs Are Important

Limits Of ChatGPT For Query Or Aspect-Based Text Summarization – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Amazon

Amazon Launching Kuiper Broadband Internet Satellites

ChatGPT: Technology, Applications, & Limitations – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

The Ginormous Generative AI Cloud Services War – YLabs™ Scaleups Source: NewStack The Ginormous Generative AI Cloud Services War – YLabs™ Scaleups

Zuck’s Threads Struggling To Keep Users – Insufficient Advantages Re SnApp™

Warren’s Berkshire 2Q23: $36B Earnings, $147B Cash (w audio)

Source: Fox26 112 In College Station, Huntsville, Bay City

Source: Whataburger Whataburger Falls Of The Customer Satisfaction & Quality Cliff (2)

Risks Of Using ChatGPT To Obtain Common Safety-Related Information & Advice – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

The New Yorker On Elon, Starlink, Ukraine

Hyperbaric Oxygen And Insurance /Medicare Coverage Post Stroke & Carcinoma Face Surgery^

Austin & Central TX Leaders Plan To Build Career Trades & Crafts – SUNz™

ChatGPT In Education: Worries And Concerns On Social Media – EDUCATION – AI

NIH: Hyperbaric Oxygen For Plastic Surgery Healing Acceleration

Prompt Knowledge Impacts Health Answer Correctness – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Source: Fisker Fisker Shows Off Ambitious EV Lineup, Starting At $29,900

Hyperbaric Oxygen For Anti-Aging, Wounds, Concussion, Cognition, Endurance, Learning Issues, Mood, Depression (no link)

Limitations Of ChatGPT For Deep Learning Code & Program Repair – ENGINEERING – CS – AI Now Belongs To Elon Musk

Our T-Cells Burn Out Just Hours After Attacking Cancer Tumors

Industries And Jobs Impacted Or Transformed By Automation And AI Source: VisualCapitalist Industries And Jobs Impacted Or Transformed By Automation And AI

NIH: Absence Of Covid-19 Symptoms Is Genetic

Source: Red Antler Processing 14’ 3” Mississippi Gator

AI Designed Drug Moves To Human Trials – MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE – CS – AI

It Will Take Time For China To Solve Economic Hurdles

AI Political Campaigns More Effective Than Human’s – A Massive Political Tell^

Ramaswamy: “Elon My Advisor” – A Brilliant Move

Source: kdhnews April 8 – Central Texas Total Solar Eclipse

a16z: Emerging AI LLM Architectures

VanMoof eBikes Goes Under

When ChatGPT Is Not Trustworthy – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Source: Lexi Cochoit Alzheimer’s Changes Brain Immune Cells – 3P™

Notice: Austin Lyft (And VW) Now Running Robo- Taxis

ChatGPT Can Influence Users Moral Judgments – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Therapeutic Target For Alzheimer’s Disease Discovered – 3P™

Snapchat Continues Revenue & Earnings Setbacks – SnApp™

The Commonsense Problem In Large Language Models – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Diabetes Linked To Functional And Structural Brain Changes Through MRI – 3P™

USDA ARS Dedicates New Renovated Lab With A&M

Source: Bloomberg France To Ban The Wearing Of Abayas In Schools

Language Model Hallucinations Snowball – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

More On The Killer Maui Wildfires

Foxconn Founder Terry Gou Announces Taiwan Presidential Bid

Why Today ChatGPT Won’t Help You Invest In Stocks

FTC: Scammers Fake LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, eBay, Any Website – With Fake Jobs, Usually For Bank Account Access

Talk Of U.S. Military In Mexico Must Stop – U.S. Side Fine (op – Ed.)

Sex AI – Meta’s New Open Source GAI Let’s Anyone Build Chat AI Without Guide Rails

New Covid-19 EG.5 Variant & Hospitalizations Rising

UC Berkeley Advances GAI Common Sense Reasoning And Spatial Imaging

Source: Waymo Waymo Is Bringing Its Robotaxi Service To Austin; Lyft & VW Already Here

3 Things To Know About Mayo & Google’s Healthcare AI, More Cures, And Better Dx

Risks, Limitations, And Societal Implications Of ChatGPT – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

1,000 Extra Daily Steps, Or Cycling, Swimming ., Significantly Extend Life

China’s Alibaba Rolls Out Open-Sourced AI Model To Take On Meta’s Llama 2

Assessing the Accuracy and Reliability of ChatGPT – EDUCATION, MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – AI

Mass Spectrometry Uncovers Blood-Brain Barrier Mystery

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