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research to provide the best options for excellence in patient healthcare,” says Dr. Dailey. A “Surgical” View of the Future

T he NCH General Surgeons recently wel- comed Florida native Wesley A. Dailey, MD, as their newest team member. He started training at Mayo Clinic in 2012 and visited NCH for a community general surgery rotation in 2015. He completed his training at Mayo Clinic in 2017 where he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Originally from West Palm Beach, Dr. Dailey is NCH’s first Mayo Clinic resident. “Knowing that NCH uses many of the positive cul- ture traits in place at Mayo Clinic, including keeping a patient-centered approach, was a huge draw for me to join NCH,” says Dr. Dailey. “I care for my patients as a whole. It’s important that a medical issue is not addressed in isolation and that additional factors impacting the patient are considered, as is done at the Mayo Clinic. NCH embraces that ideology, and I want to be with a system that honors that approach.” Dr. Dailey explains that he and his patients set goals together, understanding that safety is the num- ber-one priority. This is a responsibility that he takes seriously. “I create a partnership with the patient,” he adds. “My part is education and the actual surgery, and their part is the work they have to do, in prepar- ing and recovering.” Modern-day general surgeons perform mostly sur- geries on the gastrointestinal tract, skin, soft tissue, breasts and hernias, as well as surgeries needed for emergency acute care patients. With experience and a particular interest in surgi- cal technology, Dr. Dailey says he looks forward to using robotic systems for surgeries. “Moving into the future, we will see an advance in integration of surgery and technology, keeping patient safety in the forefront,” he explains. “Surgeons will consider the best approach for the patient as the first approach,”

adding that in some cases, this may very well turn out to be a non-surgical solution. “Care is not ‘one-size- fits-all’.” He goes on to say that the future of surgery will feature a tailored and multi-disciplinary approach. “Complexity and diversity of ideas is key,” he states, “as well as expecting other good ideas coming from a diverse background.” For surgical oncologists (specializing in colon, breast or liver malignancies), Dr. Dailey predicts advances in chemotherapy and genetic testing will change the future of cancer-related surgeries. “Op- erations will be less extensive and, advances in the science of minimally invasive techniques, chemo- therapy, gene therapy and immunization therapy will all mean less need for invasive surgeries.” NCH is becoming a center of excellence for weight loss programs, and general surgery playing a part

in the fulfillment of this achievement. A soon-to-be established center will be led by a team of surgeons, gastroen- terologists, behavioral specialists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists

and social workers. Featuring a multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss, the center will in- clude surgical and non-surgi- cal options such as nutritional and behavioral guidance and exercise programs. “We maintain NCH’s status as a regional leader in the field by integrating new technology into our procedures and by stay- ing current with the latest

Dr. Wesley Dailey

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