The P.E.O. Record July-August 2022 (public)

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Renewed Excitement in P.E.O. for South Dakota Chapter Daisy Download Injects

FOR NEWLY ELECTED OFFICERS OF CHAPTER AD in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, local officer training sessions were filled with “ah-ha” moments. “I didn’t know THAT!” “Oh yeah, now I remember!” “That has changed since the last time I was an officer.”

basic as, “What are the mission, goals and objectives of P.E.O.?” Members were encouraged to bring their laptops to take notes and to explore the P.E.O. International and state/provincial/district websites. Attendees were shown where to find resources and how to navigate the websites in order to stay involved as members or to get specific help and ideas as an officer or newly appointed project or committee chair. Groups ranged from four to eight members—a good size for great information-sharing! We held our Daisy Downloads on Saturday mornings; sisters gathered at one of the officer’s homes and were encouraged to just roll out of bed and come—no shower or hair/makeup required; slippers, pajamas and sweats were appropriate attire! Hostesses set up play rooms so kids were welcome too and we provided coffee, donuts and juice. Great knowledge and fun was shared by all before starting a regular Saturday filled with errands and to-do lists.

A Daisy Download is an informal meeting with the purpose of sharing information on P.E.O. so every member’s experience in the Sisterhood can be a fulfilling one in 2022 and beyond. Several Daisy Downloads were offered in April and May in order to jump-start the P.E.O. year. The agendas were very sister-centric, based on specific questions attendees wanted answered. Questions were as WHAT IS A DAISY DOWNLOAD?

There was general consensus: If local chapter officers were getting all this great information about P.E.O. and tuning up our knowledge of the Sisterhood’s benefits, processes and procedures, what about everyone else? COVID-19 protocols have taken their toll over the last three years and it’s time for our chapters to review, refresh and renew for 2022. The chapter officers put their heads together and the Daisy Download was born.

If your chapter needs a little infusion of information and excitement anytime during the P.E.O. year, have your own Daisy Download!


THE P.E.O. RECORD | July–August 2022

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