The P.E.O. Record July-August 2022 (public)

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Chapter AQ Las Vegas, Nevada ORGANIZED: March 15, 2022 First row, from the left: Laurel Andrew, Tamela Kahle, Carolyn Chaffin Second row: Jan Boyer, Ann Kling, Melinda Sanford, Sonnya Debonis, Karen Duddlesten, Lori Fahey, Kathryn Landry, Pam Tolan, Wendy Agrawal, April Stewart, Polly List Chapter CR Collegeville, Pennsylvania ORGANIZED: March 26, 2022 Top row: Rachel Goeken, state organizer Pat Kelley, Barb Logsdon; Jude Gedroiz Second row: Susan Clelland, Marie Giancatarino, Margaret (Meg) Sparks, Debbi Julius Third row: Janelle Mehan, Susan Mehan, Katie Delmoro, Ann Torledsky Fourth row: Sue Karpinecz, Lorrie Smythe, Theresa Russo, Gale Leigeber Fifth row: Susan Yancey, Laura Joel, Violet Sible Chapter DX Fayetteville, Arkansas ORGANIZED: April 2, 2022 From the left: P.E.O. Arkansas State Board members Maysel Teeter, Stephanie Gunderman, Karen Dooley, Karen Compton and Janet Marshall; Chapter DX members: Susan T. Riggs, LaVonne Kirkpatrick, Susan W. Mayes, Mildred M. Cazort, Pamela H. Skipper, Susan M. Lancaster, Judith A. Schatzman, Marilyn C. Williamson, Georgia L. Thompson, Sandra R. Johnson, Jan Russell, Linda Remy, Rita Durrett, Penelope M. Culver, Paula Furlough, Lucy Lilly, Anna Hope Colley, Stephanie Riggs Stephens

p.E.O. welcomes our new chapters to the sisterhood!


July‚ÄďAugust 2022 | THE P.E.O. RECORD


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