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Ceremony of Initiation Welcoming New Members as of July 1, 2022 By the time this issue of The P.E.O. Record

Gifts and Contributions Our P.E.O. projects can only succeed with the continued support of our membership. Local chapters and individual donations to these

is in your hands, our beautiful Ceremony of Initiation is welcoming new members to the Sisterhood. Please see page 5 of this issue for more information.

projects determine the number of women who are helped each year and the amount that is available to award. Every dollar counts—our projects depend almost entirely on P.E.O. support. Continue to make your donations as listed below and remember individual gifts to P.E.O. projects and the P.E.O. Foundation are always welcome and appreciated and qualify as a charitable deduction for United States income tax purposes. Chapter gifts to projects and the P.E.O. Foundation are payable to your state/provincial/district chapter (s/p/d) and should be sent directly to your s/p/d treasurer or paid assistant. Chapter gifts are not tax deductible. Individual gifts by check should be made payable to the intended project or P.E.O. Foundation and sent directly to the treasurer of International Chapter in Des Moines (address on the inside front cover of The P.E.O. Record). Online donations may be submitted to the project of your choice through the P.E.O. website at . Individual gifts for Cottey College are to be sent directly to Cottey.

Introduction of a Woman Who is Not a P.E.O. Form Most of us know women who would be wonderful additions to P.E.O. If they live close

to you, it is as simple as introducing her to chapter members before extending an invitation. If they do not live nearby, the Introduction of a Woman Who is Not a P.E.O. form, available on the P.E.O. International member website under the Membership tab, allows you to introduce, or recommend, women to chapters in their area, and the chapters take over from there. It takes only a moment to complete— fill in her contact information and share a little about her. Once you submit, the information is automatically sent to the presidents of chapters within a 30-mile radius of your prospective member’s address. Be sure to let her know you have submitted her information and she will be contacted by chapters in her area. If you are a chapter president and receive notice of a potential member in your area, contact the woman and schedule a time to become acquainted. There are resources to assist you with this follow up within the Local Chapter Membership Toolbox on the P.E.O. International member website. Help strengthen our Sisterhood and give the gift of membership by recommending a woman today! Send completed form, including your former address printed in the upper right corner (or give address at which magazine was last received), six weeks in advance of your move. Mail Membership Dept., P.E.O. Executive Office 3700 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312-2899 Fax Call The P.E.O. Record, 515-255-3820 800-343-4921 (Automated line available 24 hours a day. May not be available in all areas of Canada.) Email Web (Log in as a member and click on ‘manage membership’) Automatic Address Change: The P.E.O. Record may be mailed to two different addresses if the same seasonal address is used at the same time every year. Address or Name Change (please print)

Connect with Your Project Recipients “The financial assistance helped me continue my education; however, the encouragement and

support I received from the chapter was an unexpected blessing.” This is a sentiment shared by project recipients— your cards, check-ins and support mean the world to them. Reach out and let them know you are thinking of them. Perhaps invite them to a chapter social gathering to hear an update of their progress—it can be as inspiring for you as it is encouraging for them.

Chapter letter(s) ______________________________ State/Province/District ________________________________ Date address effective ______________________________

Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Email address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Street or box address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________ State/Province/District _______________________________________ ZIP/Postal code ______________________________

P.E.O. Project Impact Numbers We are proud to share the yearly impact P.E.O. is having through its philanthropic projects for women reaching their educational goals. These

P.E.O.s Always Raise the Bar to the Stars

Our local chapters and members have shown dedication, hard work and financial contributions for our projects and recipients. By working together, the following results have been achieved:

P.E.O. has given over $398 million in financial assistance through ELF, IPS, PCE, PSA and STAR projects to more than 119,000 women to pursue their educational goals. P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund loans are $235.9 million and 50,636 women have received loans since 1907. P.E.O. International Peace Scholarships are $45.4 million and 6,785 women have received scholarships since 1949. P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education grants are $67.6 million and 52,200 women have received grants since 1973. P.E.O. Scholar Awards are $32.1 million and 2,727 women have received awards since 1991.

P.E.O. STAR Scholarships are $17.2 million and 6,917 women have received scholarships since 2009. In addition, P.E.O. has owned and supported Cottey College since 1927. Cottey is a dynamic, independent baccalaureate-granting liberal arts and sciences institution that develops leadership qualities and a global perspective within its students throughout the entirety of their academic and co-curricular experience. In 2021-22, over 75% of Cottey’s students were enrolled in one of the College’s 15 four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science programs. Cottey College and P.E.O., together, support the education of women and are Creators of Incredible Futures!

Visit Cottey College Come see your college! Golden Keys are eager to greet our visitors. These Cottey College student

As of April 2022

impressive numbers were included on the back cover of the May-June 2022 issue of The P.E.O. Record. The information is also available on the P.E.O. International member website: . As a P.E.O., you can be proud and inspired by helping women reach for the stars! Record_MayJune2022.indd 4 4/11/22 8:57 AM

volunteers give tours to prospective students and their guests, alumnae, friends of the College and P.E.O.s. Golden Key is an honorary society of selected students who serve as official college ambassadors. If you schedule a tour during the school year, the Golden Keys will be your guides. They love to share their stories and their college! Tours may be scheduled online at . Add P.E.O. International to Your Email Safe Sender list Ensure you are receiving email messages from P.E.O. International by adding to your safe sender list through your email.

Upcoming Chapter Recommendation Deadlines for P.E.O. International Projects P.E.O. STAR SCHOLARSHIP: August 15-October 15

P.E.O. SCHOLAR AWARDS: August 20-November 20 THE P.E.O. EDUCATIONAL LOAN FUND and P.E.O. PROGRAM FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION accept chapter recommendations year-round.


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