Pride October 2020

Rainbow Optimist Club Update The Rainbow Optimist Club has had a very busy year and it is going to continue. Drag Queen Storytime Drag Queen Storytime went virtual because of covid-19. A series of videos were shot by North Cut Studio, the same studio directed and shot the Pride understanding videos. Oxford County Pride, Strathroy Pride, London Pride Festival and Elgin Pride funded the production of the videos. All the Storytimes were launched just before or during the Pride celebrations in Elgin, Middlesex, Elgin and London. These have been very successful with over 10,000 views on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. What’s Next TD Bank has given a donation to produce another series of videos. There are 18 videos being produced which will be entitled Drag Storytimes because of the addition of 2 drag kings. FYI…a drag king is a woman dressed as a man. These will be launched in the fall. One additional very special video was created for Governor Ruth Quenneville and the SWO Optimist Clubs. It aired on August 22 during the annual district convention. Oxford County Pride 2020 On June 1st Oxford County Pride live streamed virtual flag raisings in Tillsonburg, Woodstock and Ingersoll. This was a great success reaching over 10,000 people. The Rainbow Optimist Club hosted Story Time with the Queens during Oxford County Pride virtual Pride celebration on June 20 in partnership with Woodstock Public Library, Ingersoll Library and Tillsonburg Library. There were a series of 4 Story Times shared on Facebook and Youtube with more than 1856 views. The virtual Pride celebration was a huge success with entertainment, games, stories and more. The complete list of events can be found on the Oxford County website: www. The Rainbow Optimist Club spearheaded the Strathroy Pride Committee which hosted the inaugural Strathroy Pride 2020 on Saturday, July 11. Elgin County Pride Committee. History was made in Elgin County. After the St. Thomas Elgin Rainbow Alliance disbanded the Rainbow Optimists stepped up and formed the Elgin County Pride Committee. In a very short period of time this committee arranged for the activle5 Pride flag raisings across the County along with Proclamations and Jumbo to lite up in the rainbow colours. Pop-up Auction: Strathroy Pride 2020 As you all know Covid-19 has impacted fundraising efforts. The RainbowOptimist Club has created themonthly Pop-up Auction: www. Each month new items are added to the Pop-up Auction page on our website which are up for a month. It is a silent auction and there are bid sheets where people can add their bids. This a generating a modest monthly income. It also works a great marketing tool. The Pop-up Auction is posted and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is shared on the SWO Optimist Clubs and the Optimist International – Club and Members Group Facebook pages. This is a great way to promote the Rainbow Optimist Club website, what we do and generate money.

Creating Safer Spaces for the LGBT2Q+ Communities Workshop The Rainbow Optimist Club delivers an original workshop called Creating a Safer Space for the LGBT2Q+ Communities. A safe space is "a place or environment in which a person can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm." The goal of creating "a safer space is to create a space where people can find themselves represented and reflected, and where they understand that all people are treated with respect and dignity." Once again because of Covid-19 this workshop could not be delivered in person. The Elgin Alzheimer Society stepped forward and became the first to take the workshop online via Zoom. It was a huge success. All comments on the evaluations were very positive and supportive. The Executive Director (ED) was so impressed she presented to her follow ED’s across Ontario on the value of this workshop. They agreed. The Rainbow Optimist Club will be delivering virtual workshops to the 32 Alzheimer Societies over the course of the next 1.5 to 2 years. The Rainbow Optimist Club is asking for a modest $100.00 donation from each organization. This helps the Rainbow Optimist Club train our facilitators and keep the information/resources current. Follow us on Facebook: RainbowOptimistClub Like us on Instagram: rainbowoptimistclub Follow us on Twitter: @rainbow0ptimist Email: Website:

The goal of the Rainbow Optimist Club - Southwestern Ontario is to better the lives of LGBT2Q+ rural youth, their families and their communities in the Counties of Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford. Facebook: Instagram: rainbowoptimistclub Twitter: @rainbow0ptimist Email: Website:


Creating Safer Spaces for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans,Two Spirit, Queer (LGBT2Q+) Communities Workshop

AGENDA • LGBT2Q+ Terminology & Language • Pronounds • Coming Out & Challenges facing LGBT2Q+ individuals • Heterosexual Privilege & Unconscious Bias • Allyship • Creating Safer Spaces

PRIDE Villager

Page 4 Issue 5 • Fall 2020

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