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November 2018

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IntroducingMy New (and First!) Granddaughter E very Thanksgiving, I’m reminded how much I have to be thankful for. I have a business I truly believe in and customers who put their wellness in our capable hands. I have a loving family and two beautiful children. I lead a full (albeit busy) life, with plenty of people around me who support my work. There isn’t much more I need. Lucky for me, the blessings keep coming. This Thanksgiving, I’m especially thankful for my new and first granddaughter, Lilah Zane Swain. Our little Lilah was born Friday, Sept. 7, 2018. She was born into a loving, excited family, and came into this world healthy and happy. She will easily be the main focus at our family Thanksgiving as her relatives coo over her soft chubby cheeks and perfect baby nose. She’s already become a best friend to her older brothers, Hollis and Bradyn, who were thrilled to have a sister. Now the middle child, Hollis was excited that he could be both the big brother and the younger brother. He even celebrated her birth by making her a “0” birthday cake for the occasion. The cake was pink and purple with sparkles all over it — a cake fit for the princess she truly is, made by her adoring brother. It was pretty exciting to celebrate my first granddaughter’s “0” birthday with her brothers and my son, Rich, and Lilah’s mom, Marisa. Welcome, Lilah Zane!

Thanksgiving, as our family gathers for the holiday. We’re not sure how many people we will pack at the table since some will be visiting other families this year, but typically, there could be nearly 30 people there. There’s really no way I could describe what it’s like to hold your granddaughter for the first time. The moment Lilah was born left me speechless, and I cannot accurately describe it. It’s a level of excitement that I hope everyone gets to experience at some point. If I could describe anything, it would be the tremendous reactions I’ve been able to watch throughout this whole process. Her parents are over the moon in love with their little daughter, and my grandsons are becoming (and are continuing to be) wonderful big brothers to their sister. As a mom of one son and one daughter myself, it’s been pretty cool to watch my son grow into fatherhood and welcome all his kids into the world. There’s no feeling quite like watching the kids you raised turn into wonderful, caring adults. Rich and Marisa have done a great job. This Thanksgiving will undoubtedly be one to remember. Our home will be filled with lots of love, baby kisses, and gracious, excited family members. What more could we want?

–Kim Nartker

So far, Lilah has been a wonderful baby for her parents. She sleeps very well and is a total sweetheart. There’s no doubt that she will steal some hearts this



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