Questions For Your Doctor: Newly Diagnosed

Are you newly diagnosed with prostate cancer? Use this list of questions to ask your doctor to help keep you on track at your appointments.


These questions are to help someone who has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer begin to make a plan with their healthcare team. Consider using a notebook to record test results, treatments, and upcoming appointments to feel more organized. Having all important information together may help reduce some of the stress of a prostate cancer diagnosis. QUESTIONS FOR YOUR DOCTOR Diagnosis What exactly is my diagnosis? What is the stage and Gleason score? How aggressive is the cancer? What is my risk group? What other tests will be done? Treatment What are all of my treatment options? What is the goal of treatment? What treatment do you recommend based on my stage and risk group? Why do you recommend this particular treatment? Am I eligible for a clinical trial? What are the potential side effects of the treatments we discussed? How can these side effects be managed? What will my treatment schedule be? Living with Prostate Cancer Are my siblings, children, and grandchildren at higher risk? Where can I get more information about prostate cancer and treatment options? What steps can I take to be active and healthy during and after treatment? Consider using a notebook at your appointments and taking someone with you if you can. Many people seek second opinions to explore all CONSIDER A SECOND OPINION?

options. Seeking a second opinion is common and doing so can make you feel more confident in the treatment decision that you make.

Do you have resources or services for my spouse or partner? How can I find support and resources to help pay for my cancer treatment?

Finding out that you or a loved one has prostate cancer can be scary. Prostate cancer is usually a slow growing disease. You have time to gather information about your diagnosis and make an informed decision about your next steps. Many resources and services are available and ZERO is here to help you along the way.

ZERO Prostate Cancer provides this information as a service. It is not intended to take the place of medical professionals or the recommendations of your healthcare team. We strongly suggest consulting your healthcare team if you have questions about your specific care. LEARN MORE We encourage you to use this information in conversations with your healthcare team about prostate cancer and related topics. For more information about prostate cancer and ZERO Prostate Cancer, visit our website .


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