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MAY 2020

WELCOME, LUNA! How a Puppy Helps Us Through a Pandemic

I t has been an unprecedented last couple months. The coronavirus and the forced quarantine have undoubtedly shifted lives and created loss and pain in our community. With each day, more and more information is presented on how the virus spreads and how to combat it, and we have no choice but to stay in the loop. For those who have remained healthy, it is important to continue distancing and taking the recommended measures to keep ourselves and others safe, despite the restlessness and discomfort. For our family, this season has given us more time with one another, which fortunately has brought us closer together overall. But it has definitely not been easy. Coming home to a clean house after work has transitioned into our “quarantine cleaning routine,” where we clean a part of the house and then our toddlers destroy it within the hour (This happens multiple times a day.) Then there are the kids’ daytime naps which they are no longer interested in taking. A few weeks into the quarantine, things changed for us when Myles looked on the Nextdoor app and discovered that someone in our neighborhood was selling a Bernedoodle puppy nearby. A day later, her name was Luna and she was ours. The middle of a pandemic might sound like the worst time to bring a pet into the family, but Luna turned out to be the best thing we could have done in our situation. Luna isn’t just our children’s first dog. She is also the first pet Genet has ever had. Genet was a little afraid of pets when she was young. In fact, holding Luna on our drive home from the breeder was the longest Genet had ever held any animal. Now, Luna and our family are inseparably one. While having a new dog certainly comes with stress and new responsibilities, the joy Luna gives us and the lessons she provides have been positive for us all. Our children love watching Luna and offering her their toys,

even when she is too comfortable to get up from her polka-dot doggy bed. Training Luna gives us more patience and teaches our children about discipline. Taking care of an animal that cannot speak for herself helps our children develop empathy and unconditional compassion for others. This experience has broken down a lot of walls for our family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Having Luna around the house has shifted our focus in a positive way. Not everyone can take on the responsibility of bringing a new pet into their home right now, which is understandable. However, if you are interested, we recommend researching organizations in our community that help animals find homes. Who knows? You might find it does your family a lot of good.

–Genet & Myles Johnson



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