Crest Ink - Volume 34 - Number 01

Crest Ink January, February & March 2022 Ashton, IL 61006

Volume 34 • Number 1

The View from the Eye of the Storm by Jeff Meiners

There is little doubt that the last several years have brought unprecedented challenges to all areas of Crest. It is possible that these challenges have been amongst the greatest for those that call our Purchasing Department home. The work of the purchasing group touches literally every area of Crest activity in some fashion or another. It would be easy to compile a list of hundreds, if not thousands, of items brought in by purchasing that would cause our facility to operate less effectively or even shut down if they were to be not available for our daily use. The machine we call Crest simply doesn’t run without our daily dose of items such as ingredients, packaging materials, glue, tape, parts, equipment, ink, pallets, toilet paper, hand sanitizer…you name it. Cory Morris, Ed Baylor, Maurice Millan, Matt Richardson & Evan Knack

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