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much of the credit for helping to initiate the project goes to teacher-liaisonNicoleHinse. The VCI Edible Garden project began last fall with a planning session. More than 100 students from among three classes are involved. The project involves setting up a mini greenhouse at the school, either in the quad or at the Portable Classroom 1 site. Either site will require enriching the soil to make it more suitable for growing vegetables and garden herbs. Another gar- den plot site is planned for the southeast side of the main school building, close to

the Resource and Foods rooms. The mini greenhouse proposed would be either a prefab structure bought from a gardening shop or else student-fabrica- ted in the woodshop class. When both the greenhouse and the southeast garden plot are ready, students will plant a variety of vegetables and/or herbs, and then take turns during a spring and summer rotation schedule to keep the garden plots watered and weeded. During May and June the VCI woods- hop classes will also craft 30 birdhouse

kits for distribution to Pleasant Corners Public School and to another school-not- yet-chosen. Elementary students at those schools will have the chance to assemble the bird houses and then place them in suitable locations to provide nesting sites. The schools may also be able to use the bird houses as part of their natural science instruction programs. “This will help us improve the greens- pace on our (school) property,” said Naima Gulam, one of the VCI students involved in the project.

The “greenspace” around Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute is going to get greener, thanks to a new student-driven Eco Club project. The club will get $1565 through the non- profit agency Recycle Action for an “edible garden” environmental project. Among the goals of the project, some are to help students better understand the effort involved in producing food to eat, and also to develop a better appreciation of healthy foods. During a May 6 press conference, Robert Lessard, operations director for Recycle Action, said that the project proposal fromVankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (VCI) stood out among many others when the agency issued a call for proposals for community environmental projects. “Wewere amazedwith this inventive and creative project,” Lessard said, adding the VCI edible garden project may be the first of its kind for a school in the Prescott-Russell region. Champlain Township Mayor Gary Barton, who also works as a farmer, congra- tulated the VCI Eco Club members on their initiative and their proposal. “I look forward to coming back here in the summer to see how things are growing,” he said. “This is another example of your school participating in community projects.” “This (project) ties into the real world, be- causewe are a farming community,” saidVCI Principal AngelaGrandy, who alsonoted that

They’re going tomake things bloomat VankleekHill Collegiate Institute.These students, with the support of officials fromRecyle Action and Champlain Township, will have hands-on experience growing their own food with a school gardening project. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

9 AU 15 MAI - MAY 9 th TO 15 th

SEMAINE NATIONALE DES SOINS INFIRMIERS HGH est en pleine croissance afin d’offrir plus de services spécialisés et régionaux pour répondre aux besoins de la communauté de Prescott-Russell. À la fin de 2018, l'investissement de 160 millions de dollars en infrastructures et équipements de pointe améliorera l’accès aux soins de qualité.

NATIONAL NURSING WEEK HGH is growing in order to offer more specialty and regional services to meet the needs of the Prescott-Russell community. At the end of 2018, the investment of $160 million in infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment will improve access to quality care.

Merci aupersonnel infirmier pour son dévouement à l’excellence en soins de santé!

Thanks to all nurses for providing quality care and dedication in their work!

Merci aupersonnel infirmier pour sondévouement à l’excellence en soins de santé! Thanks toall nurses for providingquality care anddedication in theirwork!


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