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It’s Never Too Late to Start


in our six-week challenge. You’ll work with our amazing team and an awesome group of folks with the same goals to get into shape before beach season. Wouldn’t it be great to walk into the nice summer weather at the fitness level you’ve been dreaming of? Instead of dreaming about it, make it a reality.

You’ve heard me talk before about the high failure rate of New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions fail because we try to tackle them all at once instead of taking them one step at a time. It’s almost spring, and if you haven’t thought about your resolution since Jan. 1, you’re not alone.

Not only that, we’ll pay you to lose weight. Yep, you read that right — drop the weight, and we’ll pay up.

What’s even more awesome are the success rates we’ve seen with this challenge. We’re at the end of one of our challenges right now, and it’s amazing to see how when people show up and do the work, the rest follows. By week five, we’ve already seen people lose close to 20 pounds. At the end of six weeks, it’s not uncommon to see folks say goodbye to up to 25 pounds. Many of us think of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day as milestones for the summer. We want to look our best for these long weekends we might spend at the beach. We want to feel good about how we fit into our clothes and swimsuits. Start now with one of our challenges, and instead of stressing about how you look, you’ll be relaxing on the beach all summer long. We can’t gurantee your results will be the same as other participants, and they’ll vary based on what’s healthy for your body and the efforts you put in. But we know that if you invest the time into yourself, you will see a transformation, beginning with your mentality.

Here’s what I want you to remember all year long: Even if you didn’t get a good start at the beginning of the year, it’s never too late to make a change. Put the past behind you and focus on what’s right in front of you. If you didn’t start the new year as strong as you hoped, that doesn’t mean you get to give up now. Don’t let yourself off that easy. It’s never too late to start. There are still nine months left in 2018. That means you have about 270 days to work on your goals! It’s not time to give up — it’s time to get started! Next month, we’re kicking off our next Drop Pounds Get Paid Challenge for our boot camp members. If you’re disappointed with your weight loss progress so far this year, this is your opportunity make a change. Starting in April, you’ll participate

This spring, make the choice to put the past behind you and start again. Give us a call, come by the gym, or sign up online at www.dfbbcdroppounds.com to participate in the transformation challenge. Remember, now is the best time to start.

-Steven Hadley

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