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Picking the Perfect Souvenir Securities offered only by duly registered individuals through Madison Avenue Securities, LLC (MAS), member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals through Campbell Wealth Management, LLC (CWM), a Registered Investment Advisor. MAS and CWM are not affiliated entities. Our firm does not offer tax or legal advice. Consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your situation.

A way to preserve or share a piece of your trip is to bring home a souvenir, but choosing a souvenir isn’t always a stress-free experience. How do you pick the perfect souvenir and not just the first thing you see in a tourist shop? Here are some tips for picking a truly meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones. Who are you buying for? What are your recipient’s interests, or what do they spend the most time doing? If you’re buying for yourself and enjoy coffee, you might buy a local coffee blend to enjoy from home. However, if your recipient doesn’t enjoy coffee or rarely drinks it, that type of gift might not mean much to them. Is it legal to bring home? Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, there are many regulations

that affect which souvenirs you can bring home. Even if you find the item in a tourist shop, that doesn’t mean it’ll be allowed into the country or even onto the plane. And the TSA does take this seriously. In 2012, two tourists were detained at the U.S. border for trying to bring home chocolate Kinder eggs — a specific kind that are illegal in the U.S. due to the potentially hazardous small toys inside. Purchase a handicraft. Handicrafts — items created by local artisans — are awesome souvenirs! But

make sure you buy where artisans actually sell their own goods, such as an open-air market. Unfortunately, while some popular tourist shops may sell “locally made goods,” many souvenirs intended for tourists are actually made by cheap manufacturers in other countries. Keep something from the adventure. Bringing a glass bottle to take home some sand is a popular way of creating your own souvenir from a beach vacation. But you can do this with almost any item! Whether it’s stones, ticket stubs from favorite shows and activities, or a handmade item from a class, make sure to look out for souvenirs that’ll remind you of great memories and experiences.

We hope these tips will help you make the best choice. Bon voyage!

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