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Cultivating balance: Shane McCormick President of Martin/Martin (Denver, CO), a full-service civil and structural engineering and surveying firm founded in the 1940s.


I n 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, McCormick became president of Martin/Martin. As a result, he’s now largely focused on answering some of the questions brought on by COVID-19: What will our workplaces look like in the future? Howwill we adjust to increased flexibility and remote work while retaining our company’s culture? How do we grow our other offices across the country? How do we take advantage of remote working technologies that allow you to work from anywhere, but also retain focus on specific goals? “In my new role, I have to keep and cultivate an environment where talented people really want to work,” he says. A CONVERSATIONWITH SHANE MCCORMICK. The Zweig Letter: You’ve been with the firm since 2005. Tell me a little about your path to being president? What was your first position and when were you made principal? Shane McCormick: I worked for a large interdisciplinary architectural engineering company in Chicago for seven years prior to starting with Martin/Martin in 2005. My first role here

was as a senior project manager focusing on higher education, health care, commercial, and government projects. Eventually, I also took on the roles of an engineering team leader and structural engineering recruiting manager prior to becoming a principal in 2014. The president selection process is fairly democratic here, based on input from managers, principals, shareholders, and, ultimately, the board of directors. TZL: How has COVID-19 permanently impacted your firm’s policy on telecommuting? SM: We went fully remote during COVID-19. Last August, we started a new hybrid remote work policy, where employees are expected to be in the office Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and may work remotelyWednesday and Friday if they prefer (apparently Apple copied us!). We believe this hybrid approach allows us to continue to offer great mentorship, career development, team interaction, collaboration, and internal networking, while also realizing the benefits remote work offers, including personal flexibility and focused time.


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