Stevens Firm - September 2018

That’ll Do, Pig

Oinkers That Saved Their Owners’ Bacon

More and more Americans are keeping pigs as pets than ever before. With their keen intelligence, laid-back amiability, goofy snorts, and, of course, their stubby little legs, it’s no surprise that people take to these plump, fuzzy animals. And here’s an extra bonus: Apparently, they also save lives! Take the aptly-named Lucky , for example. When Illinois resident Ina Farler woke up to the frantic porcine screams of her best friend, she knew something was up. “He would jump down, run to the door, and then jump back on the bed and hit me really hard,” she told Chicago 5 News. “When I sat up, I realized the room was really smoky.” Her house was ablaze, and her room was quickly turning into an oven. But thanks to Lucky, she was able to grab her two grandchildren, escape from the house, and call the fire department to stifle the blaze before it took down the entire property. Lucky isn’t the only hog to have saved the day. Jo Ann and Jack Altsman adopted Lulu the pot-bellied pig after baby-sitting her for their daughter. Lulu grew to be great pals with Bear, the family’s American Eskimo dog. When Jo Ann suffered a heart attack while her husband was away on a fishing trip and no one else was around, Bear and Lulu teamed up to rescue their beloved owner. Sensing something was up, Bear barked furiously to get the attention of Lulu , who was out in the yard. Though she’d never come into the house from the yard before, she crammed her bulk through the much-too-small doggie door. In the process, she scraped her belly badly, drawing blood, You are probably familiar with the old saying, “A ship is only as good as its sails.” Cliché as it may be, this idiom is true regardless of the ship you are steering. Our firm’s “sail” is senior associate Jonathan Lounsberry. Jonathan has been working with The Stevens Firm for a little over three years, where he handles both simple and complex family law cases, including divorce, child custody, finance, property division, and international family law issues. “My favorite part of working for this firm is that I am able to work more challenging cases; those are the ones I am most passionate about. They are like jigsaw puzzles,” Jonathan explains. He thrives on navigating the tricky waters associated with international cases; in those instances, he has to consider multiple jurisdictions, laws, and civil codes. For Jonathan, when it comes to law, the more convoluted, the better. He initially made the decision to move to Spartanburg with his wife and two children because his wife is from the area. Before the move, they had lived in both Columbia and Charleston, where Jonathan received his BA in philosophy and political science from the University of South Carolina and his JD from Charleston School of Law. He is also a member of the American Bar Association, the South Carolina Bar, and our very own Spartanburg County Bar Association. When he is not practicing law, Jonathan enjoys spending time in Jonathan Lounsberry Loves the Tough Cases

but she pressed on in order to check on Jo Ann. Realizing that something was seriously wrong, she slammed back through the doggie door and scrambled out into the road, where she lay down. Lulu eventually convinced one conscientious motorist to slow down and see what the commotion was about. He found Jo Ann unconscious in her home and quickly dialed 911. Though Lulu wasn’t allowed in the ambulance, her owner was rescued and recovered after an intense open- heart surgery. And, of course, Lulu got patched up too!

The Stevens Firm’s Puzzle Solver

nature with his wife while they try to keep up with their son and daughter. They love exploring the mountains, fishing, and just being outdoors in general. The enthusiasm Jonathan brings to his family relationships is the same enthusiasm he brings when working with clients. Our team is so grateful he decided to join us, and if the next three years are anything like the last, we look forward to continuing to admire his work ethic, his curious mind, and his vast knowledge base.


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