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Celebrating My Daughter’s Wedding and Looking Ahead FAMILY MILESTONES T his past fall was filled with excitement, anticipation, jubilation, and, lastly, blissful exhaustion. And in October, my wife and I joined our family and friends as we celebrated the marriage of my daughter, Julie, and her now- husband, Vince. overlook theft protection, and begin saving now, no matter how much you can contribute.

On Oct. 19, 2018, Julie and Vince had a spectacular wedding that went by all too fast. Julie looked beautiful as always, and she and Vince had every detail meticulously planned out. This was so much so that the priest commented that this was the first wedding he’s officiated that started on time. As a father, it’s a surreal feeling to watch your daughter get married. I’m very proud of the woman Julie has become. Likewise, I’m proud of the man she chose to spend the rest of her life with — a man we have come to know as a tremendous person. It’s an exuberant feeling all parents know too well. You’re excited to see what their future holds while still holding back the tears. But the good far outweighed the somber feelings on that perfect mid-October day. The celebration is one that I’ll remember for years to come. As Julie’s father, I was tasked with giving a speech at the reception. I battled my nerves with online research and found some outlines that put my speech in order for me. I ran the speech by a neighbor, and I felt more confident going into the reception because she laughed and teared up at the appropriate points. After the wedding, they were off to Saint Lucia, where they spent two weeks enjoying the beginning of their marriage. I’m excited to see what their early years of marriage have in store. I’m often reminded of advice given to me by a pastor whose words I said at my brother’s wedding years ago. Much like the pastor said, I hope Julie and Vince remember to always have fun, to learn to be flexible, and to practice forgiveness. As a married man for several years myself, I know these are all valuable lessons.

Just like when newlyweds plan for a new life together, the

beginning of a new year is a common time for people to take another look at their financial plan. Tax season begins,

resolutions loom, and, like with any long- term planning, adjustments and changes as

the years progress are necessary. This past year has been a roller coaster for the equity and stock market arenas. The economy is still strong, but regular or yearly “maintenance checks” on your portfolio are always recommended. With the most recent and biggest tax guideline overhaul since 1986, financial planners and clients have had to learn and adjust plans for better saving and tax payments. I’ve been doing my own reading on the new rules, and I have new materials to help my clients with these new guidelines. Having been in this industry for as long as I have, I know it takes a tremendous amount of trust to put your financial outlook in my hands, but if you’re considering reviewing your tax picture, looking to update your plan for the future, or wanting to rebalance your portfolio, I’m more than happy to help. Julie and Vince know I’m always here to offer them any advice — fatherly, financial, or otherwise — they might need. If anything, I have plenty of great stories about our strong and happily married daughter. —Brian Irving

And as a financial advisor, I have a few more pieces of advice for my newly married daughter and any other young couple out there: Save often, don’t


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