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OCT 2018

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of the boys went to basketball camp on Friday, and they had a good time there. On Saturday, we took them to Wachusett Mountain for Kids Fest, where they got to run around and enjoy some fun kids’ activities. One of the coolest parts of this experience has been watching Jasmine share her healthy eating practices with the boys. She really believes in making sure children are eating healthy by eliminating processed foods and sugar. She’s been making homemade juices with fresh fruit and veggies, and they’ve embraced her efforts wholeheartedly. She made spaghetti and meatballs with homemade sauce, using kidney beans to make the meatballs vegan. They’ve been getting some treats, too, in the form of homemade candy — really cool, healthy food. Jasmine has been making sure they’re nurtured; that’s for sure. We’ve also gotten into a routine. In the morning, we start the day with children’s mindfulness music and positive affirmations — “I am loved, I am strong,” — and unwind from there with a healthy breakfast. The morning routine takes about an hour and a half, and it’s intentional so that they’re not rushing out the door. In the evening, we do a similar routine: We do some mindfulness exercises, and they have a relaxing bath to encourage a peaceful sleep. My exercise routine has been put on hold, but somehow, I’ve lost six pounds since the boys got here. Unfortunately, I think it’s because I haven’t been finding the time to eat. Kudos to all you parents of toddlers and little kids! It’s a challenge to care for them and ourselves. One thing that continues to help me with that self-care practice is having meditation as part of our routine, and it helps that the kids enjoy it, too. Really, this experience is like co-parenting with Jasmine. We see some of the challenges of co-parenting, and Jasmine has noticed that things are a little different in the way I parent today from 30 years ago. My ex-husband has also been part of the kids’ support network and is a positive male role model for them. He set up baby gates and a basketball hoop, and the boys love him. Not only have he and I been able to co-parent our own children after divorce and even into their adulthoods, but we’ve also been able to build this relationship that has been an integral part of our lives. I guess it’s preparing us to be grandparents (not that any of our girls are at that point — and we’re not rushing them). Life continues to come full circle. –Polly Tatum

We often talk about serving our community and the volunteer work we do with other organizations. Usually it’s something that happens outside our own front doors, but sometimes, service starts at home. When that happens, you have to be willing to accept the challenge. This lesson was (literally) brought home last month. I recently found out that a family member is facing some challenges, making it difficult for them to care for their kids, so for the time being, my daughter Jasmine and I are co-foster parents to three little boys, ages 5, 3, and 2. I went from being an empty-nester to having a house full of three sweet, active little boys, and they’re keeping me on my toes! We just wrapped up our first weekend with all three of them, and it went well. Jasmine and I had a week of getting prepared before they arrived, and we’re grateful to have a support network that’s here for all of us. Two WHEN SERVICE STARTS AT HOME

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